30 November 2023

Five Kitchen Styles That Will Be Huge In 2024

If your renovating your kitchen then now is the perfect time to discover the 2024 kitchen trends that are set to make waves this year. At The Maker Designer Kitchens, we’re not just passionate about creating beautiful kitchens; we’re also committed to staying ahead of the curve in kitchen design trends.

In this month’s blog, we’ll take you through the five kitchen styles that are predicted to dominate in 2024 according to our designers. Whether you’re planning a kitchen renovation or simply looking for design inspiration, read on to explore the hottest styles that are defining the kitchens of the future.

1. Mid Century Modern

Mid-Century modern kitchens have been on-trend in recent years, and are set to continue being hugely popular in 2024.

Mid-Century modern design, originating in the mid-20th century, specifically from the mid-1940s to the late 1960s, has endured the test of time with its enduring appeal. This design movement is characterised by its hallmark features of clean lines, organic shapes, the use of natural materials, and a minimalistic approach to ornamentation. What makes Mid-Century modern truly stand out is its remarkable ability to seamlessly merge form and function. Recently, this iconic aesthetic has enjoyed a significant resurgence, firmly establishing itself in contemporary interior design.

Our Duncraig kitchen encapsulates Mid-Century modern design beautifully, through the use of wooden elements, flat panel kitchen cabinetry and iconic curved kitchen island design. Read more about this kitchen in our design write up here for this project.

WEB 12 Mosspaul Close Duncraig 05

2. New Age Minimalist

In 2024, the modern kitchen gets a minimalist makeover. New Age Minimalist kitchens are all about sleek, clean lines and well-thought-out luxury design details that make a statement.

Unlike traditional modern kitchens, characterised by their flat-panel cabinetry, this style takes it up a notch by embracing contemporary nuances and shapes. It prominently features sleek profiled cabinetry that enhances the overall aesthetic. When designing a kitchen in this design style, we like Polytec profiles such as Chifley, Ascot, and Sussex, as showcased in the kitchen image above. 

To create depth and visual interest, you can use two-tone colour schemes, adding layers of detail to the kitchen’s overall appearance. Another approach to add luxury details is to incorporate curved cabinetry and benchtops that seamlessly integrate into the overall design like this kitchen we completed above.

New Age Minimalist kitchens will feature benchtop thicknesses at opposite ends of the scale for maximum impact. To create a sleek and stylish look we love designing with 20mm  benchtops like the kitchen above. Thicker benchtops are the ultimate luxury inclusion for your kitchen. The thicker you go; the more drama you bring to your design!

One of the defining features of this kitchen style is its commitment to minimalism, with concealed kitchen design where appliances are seamlessly integrated and discreetly tucked away from view. This approach gives the kitchen a clean and streamlined appearance, a look that is further emphasised by the use of induction cooktops and innovative down-draft extraction systems, as seen in the kitchen above, eliminating the need for the typical rangehood-style design.

The overall look and feel of this kitchen style is clean, sleek, and uncluttered, while preserving the essential modern functionality demanded by today’s fast-paced lifestyles.

New Age Minimalist

3. Modern Farmhouse

Today’s Modern Farmhouse kitchens offer a refreshing contemporary twist on the traditional farmhouse style kitchen. It strikes a balance between rustic charm and sophistication, leaning slightly away from the rugged, rustic look and more towards an elevated and polished kitchen design. Featuring high-end integrated appliances, contemporary lighting, stylish handleware, and luxurious benchtop selections, this style brings a touch of elegance to the heart of the home.

This Modern Farmhouse kitchen project we recently completed in Perth showcases an oversized kitchen island with waterfall ends and a luxurious oak veneer lining to the stone benchtops. The high-end stone benchtop selection with its stunning veined pattern, extending down the sides in a waterfall effect, serving as a stunning focal point in this kitchen design.

The style is characterised by crisp whites and modern colour palettes, allowing for versatile design choices. Whether you prefer glass-fronted cabinets, open shelving, boxed shelving, or a custom rangehood design like the one we’ve crafted here, modern farmhouse kitchens provide room for customisation.

Typically, cabinetry in this style uses a shaker profile, as showcased by the Polytec Ascot profile shown here. Additionally, we also love the Hamptons or Sussex profiles by Polytec for the Modern Farmhouse style kitchen.

Modern Farmhouse kitchens also embrace contemporary trends like floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, integrated appliances, and smart technology solutions such as point pods and docking drawers, seamlessly integrated beneath the surface. Custom cabinetry further enhances the design by discreetly concealing everyday items and creating more storage space, allowing the kitchen’s standout features to take center stage.

Modern Farmhouse kitchens

4. Mediterranean Coastal

This kitchen style draws its influence from the Mediterranean sea and the shores of countries like Italy, Spain and Greece. Mediterranean Coastal kitchens have a clean yet earthy palette using muted cabinetry tones like Polytec Silk Legato, Boston Oak, Oasis or Verdelho. In the flatlay we have created below for this style we have chosen Polytec Prime Oak in the Cove Profile, Gossamer White Smooth and Organic White benchtops.

Mediterranean coastal kitchens love texture and mixed materials. Combining flat panel and profiled cabinetry is one way to do this. Tiled splashbacks with a mosaic pattern, glazed finish or subtle mediterranean print create texture and a beautiful focal point.

Mediterranean Coastal kitchens also love curved cabinetry and benchtops, arches and architectural design elements that create character and charm in this style kitchen. Rustic furniture and homewares that mix and match textures and finishes can be beautiful displayed on open shelf cabinetry designs.

Rustic coastal kitchens are characterised by a harmonious blend of clean whites and wood combinations, incorporating the natural elements of the coastal environment. Texture plays a key role in this style, achieved through luxurious cabinetry selections like Polytec Steccawood or Calcutta profiles. You may also notice the use of profiled cabinetry styles alongside flat-panel designs, offering a versatile approach to creating rustic coastal kitchens.

To further enhance the rustic coastal ambiance, consider matte textured benchtop.  The addition of curved cabinetry and unique design elements, like feature curves on an island’s end, contributes to the creation of distinctive and inviting spaces. Open and floating shelves provide an opportunity to thoughtfully display curated design features and decor, adding a personal touch to the overall kitchen aesthetic.

Mediterranean Coastal Flatlay(20)

5. Japandi

Japandi kitchens represent a harmonious fusion of two iconic design philosophies, seamlessly blending Scandinavian and Japanese influences. At its core, this style is an ode to clean lines, natural elements, well-lit spaces, and a palette dominated by neutral hues. 

The hallmark of Japandi design lies in its dedication to simplicity and the creation of a serene and tranquil atmosphere. The neutral colour palette serves as a backdrop that allows the interplay of natural materials and textures to take center stage.

Our Wanneroo kitchen serves as a stellar example of the successful marriage of these two design styles, where Scandinavian clean lines harmonise effortlessly with minimalist Japanese functionality.

In the showcased kitchen above, you can see the focus on uncluttered aesthetics and a strong commitment to functional design, which are both integral elements of the Japandi style. Pendant lights add texture and visual interest, whilst providing warm and inviting illumination. They serve as both functional lighting and decorative accents, elevating the overall ambiance of the space.

Japandi excels at bringing a sense of equilibrium and harmony into your living spaces, making it an ideal choice for those who have a profound appreciation for the elegance of simplicity and the transformative influence of minimalism in their homes.

Japandi kitchens

Ready for a fresh new kitchen in 2024?

While we’ve highlighted five of the most promising kitchen styles for 2024, we understand that not every trending style may suit your preferences. At The Maker Designer Kitchens, we pride ourselves on our interior design knowledge and expertise, covering a wide range of styles, including classic kitchen styles like modern, industrial, and Hamptons. Visit our kitchen styles page to explore a range of different kitchen styles that we can produce.

When you choose The Maker Designer Kitchens for your kitchen renovation, you’ll gain access to our comprehensive design service, guided by our team of talented interior designers. Our commitment is to craft custom-designed kitchens that not only fit your space but also reflect your unique style and preferred kitchen aesthetic.

Whether you’re inspired by one of these emerging kitchen styles of 2024, prefer an eclectic mix, or want to stick with the classics, we’re here to make your dream kitchen a reality. So if you are feeling inspired and want to start getting your kitchen renovation off the ground for the coming year, get in touch with our team now, or book a showroom appointment.


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