17 November 2022

Trend Series: The White Edition

Nothing says timeless like a white kitchen. This style has been trending for years now – and it’s easy to see why. As a fresh, calming and neutral palette, white allows you to embrace everything from minimalism, and coastal to Hamptons style and beyond. But knowing how to approach white kitchen design can be difficult. 

This blog is all about white kitchen designs, and what to consider when opting for this style in your  kitchen renovation. We will help you learn more about what options are available to you to design a luxury white kitchen and how to make your design stand out. 


White kitchens are dominating in 2022

White kitchens are back in 2022 and we see this trend continuing next year. And trend or not, it’s consistently been our clients’ most popular colour scheme for their kitchen renovations. But white kitchen design dominance isn’t just a coincidence. White kitchen interiors are commonly seen in everyday kitchens, coastal kitchens, minimalist and contemporary designs.

White kitchens are often thought of as the colour choice for the everyday home style kitchen but this is not always the case. White kitchens also ooze luxury – it’s just about getting your selections right. 

This year we’ve seen white kitchen styles evolve to heavily embrace the textural trend through beautiful product selections that use various shades of white. For example, in the picture above we have used Polytec Classic White cabinets with Ceasarstone Fresh Concrete benchtops which adds that crisp white concrete look against the flat white cabinetry. 


Add Luxury Cabinet Selections

When designing a white kitchen, the surfaces are your canvas, and the texture is your paintbrush. And when it comes to surfaces, your cabinetry is an all-important consideration. Texture can also be applied in your white kitchen through the use of luxury cabinetry selections. We particularly like the white Polytec STECCAWOOD or the Calcutta range which adds a luxury feel. STECCAWOOD is individual prefinished battens that can be applied to your kitchen design in eleven different profiles that provide a rich textural appearance. There are rectangle, half round and concave curve profiles in a variety of thicknesses that can be applied to flat or curved sections of cabinetry. We recommend using STECCAWOOD on curved sections of cabinetry or as a feature in your design. 

Another way to create striking feature sections in your cabinetry is to use the Polytec Calcutta profiles. These are Polytec thermolaminated door styles that add textural interest and double up as feature sections like on the back of an island.

Shaker or Profiled cabinetry is a luxury choice for your white kitchen that creates a beautiful character to your design. Just like white kitchens, shaker cabinetry stands the test of time so this combination is a winner for your kitchen renovation. The Polytec Hamptons Profile is a luxury modern shaker selection; as is the Sussex or Chifley.

A white kitchen interior benefits from a seamless flow in your kitchen renovation. We recommend an integrated cabinetry design to conceal items such as your fridge, freezer and dishwasher. If you like what you see here, then it’s worth experiencing all these design elements in real life at our kitchen showroom Perth.


Luxury Kitchen Benchtops

When you renovate with The Maker Designer Kitchens, you work with our experienced interior designers who are clued up on the latest kitchen design trends, and can create a bespoke white kitchen design using the highest quality materials.

Just like cabinetry, benchtops are a critical component when it comes to white kitchen design. For example, choosing a luxury veined quartz surface is an excellent way to set your design apart. We are proud to source over 20 different white quartz selections from Caesarstone for you to select for an all white kitchen, all of which you can view at our Bassendean showroom. For a luxury design, we recommend their Whitelight Collection as it offers their most sophisticated styles like Empira White consisting of a clean white base and soft delicate grey veins. 

When designing your kitchen benchtops, a luxury kitchen can look sensational with thicker profiles, waterfall edges and negative details like those shown above on the side of the island.

Natural stone is the ultimate luxury benchtop selection for your kitchen renovation, and wrapping your stone across your benchtops and up across your splashback provides the ultimate luxury look – particularly for veined styles. In the image below, our client selected Lorde White Marble which presents a fresh white and light grey appearance. It’s important to note that natural stone isn’t as durable as engineered quartz and can be prone to chipping and staining.

As part of our design process when renovating your kitchen we will help you find the best luxury benchtop style and profiles to match your design vision.


Embrace White Kitchen Accessories

White kitchen designs are increasingly relying on a seamless flow of colour from the benchtops to the appliances. At the Maker Designer Kitchen, we ensure that your design meets the highest standards, not just when it comes to selecting colours for your surfaces, but that all the details are taken care of too. 

Designing an all-white kitchen is a lot easier these days as there are some brilliant white kitchen accessories that create a seamless flow of colour across your design. Selecting a white sink like the Franke Polar White shown below is a great way to create a seamless look and feel on your kitchen island. Pairing this with white tapware and white cabinetry handles is a stunning way to synchronise design elements for a high-end luxury feel. 

White kitchens also look fantastic with a handleless design which also creates a minimalistic look for your kitchen. Integrated kitchen design coupled with a seamless white finish is the perfect basis for a minimalist kitchen. If integrated design is not your priority, high end brands like Meile are now offering white kitchen ovens and dishwashers that provide that continuous flow of white across your design without any need for integration.


Start your new year with a new kitchen

White kitchens are classic and timeless when it comes to luxury and modern kitchen design. Our team at The Maker Designer Kitchens are dedicated to ensuring that your white kitchen ideas become a reality. With your dream kitchen in mind, our three step design process ensures your dream kitchen becomes a reality. 

For more white kitchen designs and inspiration, or to see our most loved and luxury inclusions in action book an appointment with our team at our Bassendean Showroom. You can also discover this year’s hottest design trends in our 2022 Design Trends eBook which is available to download on our website. Kickstart your new modern white kitchen design with The Maker Designer Kitchens.

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