7 August 2021


With the kitchen being the heart of the home, the place where the family gathers at the end of the day, and the heart and soul of entertaining in the home, it rings true that the kitchen’s unique style is a representation of the personality of its owners. When it comes to kitchens in Perth, no room represents your individuality and personal style like the kitchen. So what then does your kitchen say about you?

Modern style kitchens

The modern kitchen owner tends to be edgy, energetic and on trend. Always looking for new technology, innovation and different ways of doing things, the typical modern kitchen owner will love advances in technology in appliances, and ways for automating their experience in the kitchen (think Alexa and Google Home devices). Modern style kitchens will tend to be quite minimalistic and sleekly designed, which can often mean their owners like a non-cluttered space where items are tucked away neatly.

Country style kitchens

If you have a new kitchen in a country or traditional style, you’re likely to love the simple things in life and be somewhat laidback when it comes to your kitchen space. Country style kitchen owners generally love home-style entertaining and having the family gather around in the kitchen, and they’re often fantastic cooks – preparing large, homely comfort food with traditional and simple appliances rather than anything modern with all the bells and whistles. The style of the kitchen will tend to be cosy and welcoming, perhaps with plenty of storage to make cooking easier, rather than having to shop regularly. Country style kitchen owners will always be ready if guests turn up announced and will make sure they never go hungry!

Hamptons style kitchens

Hamptons style kitchens are the epitome of class and elegance, just like their owners. You might find an affinity for the ocean and cool blues and teals will complement the space. Of equal importance to the occupants will be the ability to entertain and open up the kitchen space into the outdoor area, making the most of the cool ocean breezes. Entertaining here will be more about drinks, music and loud laughter, with a warm and welcoming environment. Hamptons kitchen owners will tend to like high quality finishes and styling of the kitchen items will reflect the individual style.

Versatile applications

Depending on your needs, Caesarstone benchtops come in a range of different thicknesses and edge details and they are easy to install which means minimal labour involved. Caesarstone can have a number of different applications in the kitchen including standard benchtops, splashbacks, feature wall panels and island benches which makes it a highly versatile material.

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