Smart Technology In The Kitchen (And Beyond)

The kitchen is a creative and social hub where family and friends gather throughout the day. And for many of us, this means the kitchen is a space for connectivity, comfort, and even entertainment. Catching up on the news, googling a recipe, or sharing your creations are part and parcel of daily kitchen life – and all rely on technology. These days, making life that little bit easier is perhaps simpler than you might think.

Here we take a look at how bespoke smart kitchen tech can make our lives easier whilst elevating aesthetic appeal.

The Maker Designer Kitchens team is here to assist you with your kitchen renovation and bring your kitchen into the 21st Century. Our innovative 3 step process allows you to reap the rewards of modern technology for kitchen renovations with the highest quality design, custom builds and non-invasive installation techniques. 

Smart Cupboards

Smart cupboards are nothing new, but they’re quickly becoming the go-to for luxury modern kitchens where the focus is on minimalism, ease of use, and are ideal for handleless kitchen designs. Incorporating smart cupboards into your kitchen renovation will save you from manually opening them every time while elevating your design.

We stand by Blum Servo Drive – a handless electrical opening system for your cabinets, built-in smart fridges, dishwashers and other appliances. Blum’s system allows you to open your Aventos cabinets with a gentle touch of a button, while its flex range gives you the same advantages with a range of kitchen appliances. It can be used with combination fridge-freezers with separate units for each section, large refrigerator doors, and dishwashers. This leaves you with more time for the job at hand. 

If you’re interested to see how smart cupboards like Blum can make your life easier, come see the Servo Drive on display in our Bassendean Showroom.


Point Pods

How many times have you rushed into another room to fetch the charger, or been disappointed when your laptop runs out of juice – just as you find the perfect online recipe? Point Pods give you access to a fully integrated power socket system with USB ports to charge your smartphone, iPad or laptop, exactly where you need it. They also allow you to access power without taking up extra wall space. 

We recommend Point Pods as they give you access to power without compromising your design. Messy cables spilling out of draws isn’t just an eye-sore, it can also be dangerous when close to heat and water. 

Designed to integrate fully with your benchtop, Point Pods can be installed in your bathroom or home office to supply power to your most-used devices. If you want to see how these work in the real world, we’ve fitted them in our Bassendean showroom, so come by check them out for yourself. 


Charging Stations

Want to walk in, place your phone on the bench and have it charge automatically? Charging stations give you that luxury. 

Design your kitchen to include the Hafele Inductive Charging Station – a smart technology device that can be installed with a surface recess mounting that you lay your phone on to charge. Charging stations are a great way to ensure your devices are fully charged – without having to fumble around with tangled cords or sacrifice power to your benchtop appliances. Hafele charging stations come exclusively in black and therefore favour darker stone benchtops and laminates.


Docking Drawers

The Hafele Docking Drawer is one of our favourite smart technology options for your home as it declutters your benchtops while giving you an easily accessible charging station. Out of sight and out of mind, this is a great solution for kitchen drawers, bathrooms and home offices – or even creating a dedicated working station close to the kitchen. Not only are docking drawers a great space saver, but they can also conceal your smaller devices for zero distractions during meal prep. Curious about how this might work in your then renovation? Visit our showroom and see for yourself.


Loox Multidimensional Mirror

It’s time to take a walk to the bathroom. 

Imagine stepping out of the shower, and the mirror is already de-misted. It’s also playing your favourite song. Now it’s time to take a look at one of our favourite products – the Hafele Loox Multidimensional Mirror that makes all this a reality. 

With 2-colour lighting, a built-in memory function, a Bluetooth sound system and a de-mister, your bathroom experience will never be the same. Combining your smart kitchen renovation with some updates in the bathroom is a popular move since you’ve already got boots on the ground. Here at The Maker, we can design and install smart tech like the Loox Multidimensional Mirror, Pod Points, and charging stations in your luxury bathroom. 


Update your kitchen with the experts

Updating your space with the latest technology can change the way your entire family interacts in the kitchen. More charging options, fewer cords, smoother, and more aesthetic cabinetry don’t just provide luxury additions to your home – they also make your space more liveable and conducive to cooking.

Like what you see? Or curious about how to install smart technology in your kitchen? Start your renovation journey today by reaching out to our award-winning kitchen designers Perth. We look forward to working with you. 

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