Designed for maximum impact in the meeting point of the home, kitchen islands are fast becoming a multipurpose design feature. They are becoming larger in size and extending into living room spaces. Now frequently designed with inbuilt seated sections, they have also become a casual dining table. With the reduction in overhead cabinetry in kitchen designs these days they can also include integrated appliances and innovative ways to store your kitchen items.

Let’s have a look through some of the kitchen island bench ideas that could help to transform your kitchen lifestyle.

Square island

A square island in your kitchen layout will really set your overall design part.⁠ As an increasingly popular kitchen island bench idea, a square island creates a beautiful feature in your kitchen design and will allow you to have seated sections on multiple sides. Square islands can be used for day-to-day casual meals and also serves as an extra entertaining zone.

When choosing a square island design, think about including seating on multiple sides; and keep your storage and integrated appliances in the working zones.⁠

Square island

Layered island

Create wow factor in your kitchen design with a layered style island. This can be done all in stone, allowing for a seamless flow of colour across the benchtops. The lowered sections will serve as the feature, designed for extra seating when entertaining or casual meals.

Another striking way to design a layered island is to use a combination of stone and laminate benchtops in contrasting colours. Consider using different thicknesses for each of the materials to highlight the layered design, and to create something uniquely your own. 

Cantilever island

Gravity defying cantilever style islands create maximum impact in your kitchen design and stand alone as a feature in your overall home design. This super stylish design allows you to double your kitchen island as the main or extra seated eating area for your home. 

This style of island is best suited to a contemporary style home because of its stylish and sleek appearance. Cantilever islands can also embrace the layered island trend for an even more striking design. Veined stone benchtops work extremely well in this case, as cantilever design showcases the detail in the stone. 

cantilever island

Oversized islands

The last couple of years has reset home life for many of us. We’re spending more time at home, and with kitchens being the hub of the home it just makes sense to create a social and functional space. Kitchen islands are getting bigger and longer to accommodate extra storage, appliance integration, extra seating and even dining table sections.

In larger homes we are even seeing double islands become more popular which also provides some great design opportunities to feature innovative cooking appliances like Pitt Cooktops and downdraft rangehood extraction systems.

Oversized islands

Hamptons style

A Hamptons style kitchen is timeless and so well suited to our coastal lifestyle in Perth.

If you’re thinking about a Hamptons style kitchen, there are a couple of defining characteristics for the Hamptons island that you need to include to make it a true to this beautiful style.

A luxurious marble benchtop is iconic; as is the custom made planton kick. Shaker style cabinetry is a must and intricate handleware to accessorise your design. Hamptons kitchens are light, bright, and very white; but blue, green or grey cabinetry can also suit this coastal design. View this stunning Hamptons Style kitchen on display in our Perth showroom.

Hamptons style

Curved Islands

Curves are the hottest trend in kitchen design right now, and a curved island in your kitchen is the epitome of luxury.

Curved islands serve as a stunning display of workmanship and require the skills of an experienced joiner and stonemason, such as those at The Maker Designer Kitchens, in order to be executed to the highest quality. 

Curves can be used to create a unique feature in a kitchen design which is dominated by straight lines; or to create a design that is completely curved and completely unique. Curves add visual impact to solid colour cabinetry and benchtop selections. Curves also work beautifully with textured laminate selections and have maximum impact when used for a strongly veined marble or stone benchtop.

Curved islands

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