Coastal and Hamptons style home trends has seen a huge uptake in Australian design, which is only natural given our warm year-round warm climate, and general proximity to the beach for a lot of our homes.

So whether it’s elegant Hamptons or calm Coastal – many homeowners know they want a ‘beachy look’ for their kitchen style, but are not sure which version is for them.

While clean white expanses, simple decorative choices, modern themes and comfortable living spaces are the shared essence of these two styles, what are the elements that set them apart?

We’re going to dive right in and define what these interior design styles are all about, so it’s easier for you to decide on the look you love!

What defines the Hamptons style?

A true Hamptons style kitchen is unmistakable. An entertainer’s haven brimming with understated coastal tones, deep timber accents, touches of elegant luxury, and of course that beautiful profiled cabinetry. You might be familiar with the Hamptons as the Long Island seaside holiday haven of the rich and famous, immortalised on the big and small screens as THE only place to be seen over summer for anyone who is anyone.

Hamptons style kitchens are all about simplicity paired with grandeur in a clean and modern way – it’s comfort that oozes luxury thanks to the indulgent lifestyle the elite are so accustomed to. Think eggshell white walls, lofty ceilings and white-washed timber alongside plush buttoned upholstery and glittering crystal chandeliers… In other words: just divine.

It’s a style encapsulating the comfort of a beach house, but dolled up with luxury finishes. It’s the best of both worlds. If you want to emphasise the ‘chic’ in coastal chic, go for the Hamptons look.

Our top tip for your classic Hamptons kitchen is to embrace the luxe factor! Creamy Calcutta marble is an exquisite feature that is right at home in your luxury kitchen, especially in the form of a showstopping island bench! Invite your friends around and pop that Verve in your own little slice of how the other half live!

What defines the Hamptons style?

And how is this different to Coastal?

Coastal is really a general term to describe everything we love about sunny summer days at the beach, sun-bleached hair and sandy feet. Coastal is made for living in. Coastal is chill.

Your Coastal kitchen is more relaxed with less rules surrounding the elements within the space. Stick to raw/natural materials and open living spaces – and enjoy a lot more room to add your own personal twist. Coastal, within itself, has a variety of substyles, including contemporary, boho, rural or modern coastal themes, as Coastal is more of a ‘feeling’ than a style inspired by a physical place.

Coastal style means a simple colour palette working with sand and sea hues, but invites you to be bolder with yellows, turquoise and aqua blues. Embrace natural textures like shell, rope and rattan and feel free to mix and match, as a lot of the style’s charm comes from the imperfection of these elements all coming together.

One of the beautiful things about styling your dream Coastal kitchen is anything goes really! So take a stroll along the beach at sunset and bring home those treasures you find – unique bottles washed ashore, stunning shells, or even make a feature from some reclaimed wood you stumble upon. You are limited only by your imagination!

If you’d like more information on creating your dream Hamptons or Coastal kitchen in Perth, speak to one of our designers today on 1300 270 000. The design consultation process has been developed to be both rewarding and streamlined, while focusing on providing you expertise and ideas to work within your space.

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And how is this different to Coastal?
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