The modern design kitchen style is a very popular choice for homeowners wanting to renovate their kitchens, as the aesthetic is flexible and lends itself to fit right in with most homes.

When it comes to incorporating the modern minimalist style into your new kitchen, less is more as you want to create a space that is able to simultaneously blend in and also compliment the surrounding rooms – which calls for simple, clean line, with little to no detailed surfaces.

From appliances, furnishings, tiles to lighting, colours and accessories, every detail is very important in order to achieve the overall effect that you’re looking for.

Start by thinking of these 5 key features we give you in today’s post.

Sleek Cabinetry

A ‘must’ for this style is the use of cabinetry that is unadorned, and simple. Handles should be either plain and unassuming, or better yet – forgo handles completely and instead use push-touch and soft close latches on your doors and drawers. When it comes to your cupboards, try to take these to the ceiling to avoid any unsightly gaps or distractions in visual symmetry. Clutter has no place in a modern kitchen, so there is a variety of storage options to choose from, which include waste bins, opening systems, pull out drawers, corner units, rails and mid-way wall items.


Gone are the days of lime green or burnt orange as seen in your grandmother’s kitchen. For your modern kitchen makeover you should search for gentler tones such as greys and creams – or of course the tried and tested monochromatic colours of black and white always give a timeless feel.

Start with these as your base, and you can use bring in smaller amounts of brighter colours for accessories, fresh flowers or artwork. If you have an open- space kitchen, opt for a lighter contrast in colour to avoid your kitchen visually dominating the living space.

Modern Countertops

The right countertop for your modern kitchen should include important characteristics such as easy maintenance, visual appeal and durability. There are many options, but for the sleek stylish look required for a modern aesthetic we tend to lean toward an engineered stone, such as Caesarstone, or concrete. Again, choose your colour wisely to compliment your home rather than make a statement. Neutrals such as blacks, whites, taupes and greys prove popular choices.

Modern Appliances

No minimalist kitchen is complete without ultra-modern appliances. Think about more space-efficient options and choose oven, fridges, freezers, dishwashers, coffee makers, knife holders, food processors made from stainless steel because it gives them that durable, fresh and modern feel. Even better if you can integrate your big-ticket items such as your fridge/freezer and dishwasher into the cabinetry – further enhancing the sleek unbroken lines of your kitchen for the ultimate minimalist touch.

Task Lighting

Lighting your modern kitchen sounds simple – just no gaudy hanging pieces, right? Well, it does go a little deeper than that. Your kitchen lighting needs to be diverse, flexible and sophisticated. Make sure the appropriate parts of each workstation have the right lighting, so you can do the job you need to – this may mean down-lights, track lighting or one or two (understated) hanging pendant lights. Consider strip LED lighting to the underside of overhead cabinetry, or in your island bench for an on-trend futuristic feel.

Vision, innovation, quality workmanship and exceptional customer service are what drives clients to choose The Maker as their kitchen designer for their new build or renovation project. The Maker is a HIA award-winning kitchen design and manufacturer with a wealth of experience. To speak to one of our designers today about your kitchen colour scheme, call us on 1300 270 000 to start the process to deliver your dream kitchen.

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