Kitchens are well known as an absolutely essential part of any home, and some requirements remain consistently on the wish list for most home owners – we typically all want a spacious, functional and well-appointed kitchen.

What is harder for people to agree on however, is the style in which your kitchen will be created in. With so many style options and then of course more options within these styles, and then taking in to account your personal taste and preferences – as Kitchen Designers it’s easy to see how clients can get lost in the rabbit hole of choice and just end up confused.

So that’s why we have decided to do a quick round-up of the main styles you will find in your Pinterest search, and a tip or two for each one on how you can bring it to life within your designer kitchen.

Classic Contemporary

Let’s kick things off with the classic contemporary kitchen, often commonly referred to as the ‘Everyday Kitchen’. Rather than make a statement, this design style is typically planned to fit in with feel of its surroundings – which makes it an exceedingly popular choice for most homes.

How to nail it: Aim for a palette that is versatile and fresh, paired with a practical and functional kitchen footprint – as this room will likely find itself being used as not only a kitchen but as a space for homework to be finished, books to be read, great conversations to be had, and a space to connect with your family after a long day.


A raw and beautiful style that was typically associated with eclectic artists, painters and creators living in overhauled New York warehouses, this trend has slowly morphed its way into our modern homes – and seems to have found most success when imprinted in the kitchen.

How to nail it: Construct and decorate your space using raw, edgy materials repurposed for modern living! Think concrete, exposed brick, wooden beams, bare lightbulbs, reclaimed metal, and of course – matte black accents!


The epitome of a warm and welcoming kitchen space, the traditional country kitchen is a timeless choice. With a cosy farmhouse vibe, this aesthetic can work equally well in homes located in both the city and the countryside if done right, and there are a variety of details that can be incorporated into a kitchen design to add a country styling depending on how authentic and original the homeowner wishes to be.

How to nail it: Detail! Traditional kitchen designs come to life when detail is added. Use panelled cabinetry, a butler’s sink, intricate tapware, mismatched or rustic handles, floral patterned tiles, and have fun with textiles and styling to create a vibrant and homely atmosphere.


Sophistication and class redefined, Hamptons kitchen combines a coastal, casual feel while also providing a sense of elegance and luxury. A true entertaining space, in the Hamptons design you will expect to see a large island bench (usually in luxurious marble!), timber accents in blonde wood, profiled cabinetry and lots of beautiful natural light.

How to nail it: To give any kitchen a touch of Hamptons, start with a coastal themed colour palette. Crisp whites, sea glass green and light teals are all very effective tones to give your kitchen a pinch of Hamptons luxury. Add some cane or wicker stools, or stunning light timber floorboards and you have the makings of your very own luxury Hamptons kitchen design!

Perfect for those who prefer a clutter-free home, a minimalist kitchen design features clean lines with sleek and smooth surfaces – with the cherry on top being effective and hidden storage options aplenty. Effective storage solutions are a must in a minimalist kitchen design to achieve the clean and effortless look the trend demands. Storage elements to consider include pull-out bin units, pull-out pantry solutions, corner solutions and use of high-quality drawer systems.

How to nail it: Integrate everything! Integrating your main appliances such as dishwashers, fridges and rangehoods into your cabinetry will provide a sleek, fuss-free and tidy finish to your kitchen.
As we are spoilt for choice with many different appliances available with no real consistent design style across the market, having a kitchen with many freestanding appliances would detract from the overall clean lines and visual neatness required for a true minimalist kitchen design.

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