14 September 2021


No longer just a room for meal prep and cooking, the kitchen has slowly evolved into a home’s focal point. When designing your dream luxury kitchen, you should be selective when deciding on all the must-haves for this high-profile room. Elegant style, top-of-the-line appliances, finishes, and conveniences, along with functionality, are top priorities when designing a luxury kitchen.

There are a number of luxury elements you can include in your next kitchen to transform your space into a high-tech cooking haven while comfortably entertaining friends and family.

Here, we’ll be sharing some of our favourites!

Statement Marble

When thoughtfully designed, benchtops can become sculptural furniture elements. The stark, bold veins in marble are always beautifully unique and there are countless ways available to customise your own sophisticated look, through varieties of edge profiles and designs. Not just relegated to the benchtop, marble can be incorporated in several different ways in the kitchen including shelves and backsplashes.

Whether you’re using marble or other high-end materials such as granite, limestone, travertine, soapstone or quartz – investing in a large, high-quality kitchen island will transform your space from lacklustre to lavish.

Custom Cabinets

On-trend cabinets are a vital component of all luxury kitchens. We absolutely love using touch-catch mechanisms in high-end cabinetry to easily open and close your cabinet doors with a light touch. Even better, you can create a sleek and sophisticated look without the need for bulky handles or knobs. These cabinets are also safer for little fingers, easy to clean, and are perfect for keeping unsightly appliances hidden from view.

There can never be enough said about the convenience of a dedicated beverage station!

Whether built into your wall cabinetry in the form of a coffee machine, a wine fridge incorporated into the end of your island bench or zip-taps that provide you with chilled, boiling or sparkling water on demand – this kind of stylish convenience is pure luxury.
You can choose to seamlessly include one or more of these items into your design, or why not create a full standalone nook within your kitchen for all things beverages, finished with a gorgeous wine rack or glass-fronted cabinetry to elegantly display your glassware.


Luxury lighting goes beyond the typical recessed downlights, pendants and overhead lights. The type of lighting found in a luxury kitchen illuminates statement pieces within the room and draws your eye to a particular feature. Luxury lighting also goes deeper than standard task-lighting and makes sure you are never in the dark when it comes to using your kitchen. For example, how handy would it be if your pull-out pantry automatically lit up when reaching toward a certain spot?

Consider lighting options for unique areas in your kitchen such as underneath cabinets for a sense of depth; a backlit island bench for a feeling of drama; above overhead cabinetry to enhance the sensation of space in the room, or for a truly over-the-top luxurious kitchen overhead lighting choice, opt for a crystal chandelier with mini-chandelier pendants.

Butlers Kitchen

In most modern kitchens, ample storage is high up on the design wish list. If you have the space and budget, we think that a butler’s pantry (a kitchen within a kitchen) or separate walk-in space is one of the most luxuriously functional elements you can add to your home. A butler’s pantry is the ideal place to hide your clutter, so you can maintain a pristine, clean-look kitchen. All the messy-bits and multitude of appliances can be hidden away out of sight, the oversized roast trays can be left to soak in the sink without becoming an eyesore while you enjoy excellent conversation, wine, and food with friends.

The best place to begin designing a luxury kitchen is with a list of your own top 3-5 must-haves. Don’t compromise on these items and you’ll have the kind of amazing kitchen you’ve dreamed about.

If you’d like to speak to one of our team about getting started with your custom-designed luxury kitchen, give us a call today on 1300 270 000. From the initial discussion right through to after-sales care, our expert designers will ensure your project is an enjoyable experience. The Maker is Western Australia’s most awarded kitchen design and manufacturer focused on providing quality customer service and innovative designs and products for you.

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