Classic Style Kitchens

Practicality – Timeless – Functionality

Classic style kitchens continue to be the most consistently popular style over the years. A classic kitchen should be timeless and effortless in its functionality and features.


A classic timeless style, effortless in its functionality

The Maker

Often designed to fit in with its surroundings rather than making a statement, a classic style kitchen offers sturdy, clean lines with design elements focusing on practicality and functionality. You will often see white and cream colours utilised throughout as these colours never go out of style, and they present a warm, inviting feel to the kitchen. A classic white kitchen is often what comes to mind when considering this design style.

When choosing a classic kitchen design, aesthetics and practicality are the primary considerations. They will tend to be decorated in a more subdued manner than other styles, and can feature space saving alternatives and symmetry in design.


The classic style kitchen, whilst being conservative in its statement, will showcase quality in hardware and appliances. Customers will ensure they select quality drawer systems, corner solutions and appliances that best suit their individual needs, as it is expected that this style of kitchen is a long-term investment that will continue to be stylish over many years.

Other common elements of a classic style kitchen are breakfast bars, natural lighting, and tiled splashbacks which can add character while still retaining its homely feel. The neutral colour palette and minimal use of enhanced features will ensure that your kitchen doesn’t date and remains the heart of the home for years to come.

Feature Highlight – Hafele drawer system

Hafele’s Nova Pro Scala is a high quality European system with a double-wall metal drawer, giving it a timeless and functional look. Backed by its lifetime warranty, this drawer system remains unparalleled in terms of quality, stability and smooth running.

Hafeles Nova Proscala

Vision, innovation and quality workmanship…

Exceptional customer service are what drive clients and builders alike to choose The Maker to design and manufacture their dream kitchens. Vision, innovation, quality workmanship and exceptional customer service are what drive clients and builders alike to choose The Maker to design and manufacture their dream kitchens.

Like this style? Request a call back today!

Like this style? Request a call back today!

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