Modern Kitchen Design From The Maker In Perth

With so many details to think about with your new kitchen, the handles for your cabinetry might seem like the least of your worries. However, this small detail can make a big impact on the final look of your new kitchen so make sure you give it some thought!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the number of cabinet handle choices out there (we don’t blame you!), then we’re here to help. Let’s take a look at some of the options when it comes to handles for your cabinets.

Modern Kitchen Design From The Maker In Perth

Knob or pull options

The first big decision you need to make is whether knobs or pull handles will suit your kitchen. Remember that you need to focus on functionality as much as you focus on looks. With that in mind, pull handles are generally the best option for drawers for easier access. While pull handles will suit drawers, many people prefer to use knobs for cabinet doors. Remember that you can mix and match the two options very effectively depending on how many drawers and cabinets you have in your space.

The right size and style

It’s important that the size and style of your handles are right for your kitchen. For example, a country style kitchen may suit more ornate, curved cabinetry hardware while a modern space looks great with slim, rectangular handles. You also need to get the size right – you might love the look of delicate handles but they could look out of proportion in your large space. This doesn’t mean that you can’t mix things up by adding contemporary handles to a more traditional space – it just needs to make sense from a design perspective.

A range of finishes

Once you’ve decided on the style of handle that you want featured in the your kitchen, you have the choice of a range of finishes including stainless steel, chrome, gold, brass or black. The style of your kitchen will help inform your finish – modern kitchens tend to suit stainless steel or chrome while traditional kitchens favour black or brass. However, feel free to mix things up for a customised look. When it comes to current trends, brass accents are very popular and can be incorporated into your handle choices.

Handle-less cabinets

Finally, one of the choices you have with handles is to choose to have no handles at all. Handle-less cabinets offer a sleek, minimalist look and allow you to open your cupboards and drawers easily – simply give them a gentle push and they pop open. Handle-less cabinets are a great option for a smaller space as they mean less protrusions and they also suit the modern, minimalist look.

When it comes to interior kitchen design inspiration, the award winning designers at The Maker are on top of the current design trends to help you create a beautiful and functional kitchen. Our team are with you from the initial concept to the final product for an easy, stress free process.

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