If you’re looking to renovate and redesign, working with a designer kitchens expert can be the best decision you make during this process. Although you can proceed on your own, a professional designer will provide assistance throughout the design process to ensure that you’re left with a kitchen that suits your requirements. Today, we’ll explore the reasons why hiring a kitchen designer is well worth it.

Taking away the hard work

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when designing your kitchen – there are so many ideas, which ones are right for you? A kitchen designer is an expert at conceptualising customised kitchens and they know the right questions to ask to really understand your style. They know what works and what doesn’t so you can make efficient use of the space you have and have a highly functional kitchen. They’ll also provide additional suggestions to maximise the appeal of the finished product.

Help you work within your budget

One of the jobs of your designer is to help you stay within budget throughout your kitchen renovation project. They will have offer solutions to make sure your kitchen not only looks amazing but also doesn’t result in a major overspend. They have the industry knowledge to recommend the right materials which fit the style of the kitchen as well as your budget.

Knowledge of trends and products

Your designer will have the insider knowledge of the latest kitchen design trends, as well as new products which have come onto the market. They will give you advice on how to incorporate kitchen trends and how you can increase the functionality with new products or technologies. A designer will also be able to let you know which trends are on their way out or likely to date quickly.

Consider practical design aspects

Kitchen design isn’t just about the look of the final product. A kitchen designer will also consider practical aspects of the design process such as the placement of your sink, venting issues, optimal positioning for appliances, and storage solutions within the cabinetry. Things that could get easily overlooked by the home renovator are taken care of by the designer.

Draw on experience

The best thing about a professional designer is that they’ve designed many kitchens before yours. This means they have the experience and knowledge to deliver a stylish, efficient kitchen which you can enjoy for years to come.

The Maker specialise in designer kitchens for the Perth area and we are Western Australia’s most awarded kitchen manufacturer and designer. Our expert design team work with you to create a customised kitchen which suits your personal style and combines form and functionality. Our vision and innovation is what makes us the perfect choice for renovators and builders alike.

For designer kitchens Perth WA contact The Maker today on 1300 270 000 and our team would be happy to discuss your design requirements.

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