The look of your kitchen can set the tone for the whole house and you want to be confident that your design is one that you’ll enjoy for many years to come. If you’re looking to upgrade to a stylish, modern kitchen, it’s best to be aware of the common design traps people fall into so you can avoid them happening to you. Today, we’re here to share the top design mistakes that people make with their new kitchens.

1. Prioritising form over function

It’s a given that you want your new kitchen to look amazing after your redesign is complete and you’ve probably spent countless hours looking at different benchtops, cabinet doors and other aesthetic options for your soon-to-be kitchen. However, don’t fall into the trap of focusing so much on the look of your kitchen that you forget about functionality. Don’t be left with appliances which are difficult to access or an awkward kitchen layout – always consider the function of your kitchen.

2. Sticking with the original design

If you’re taking the time to redesign your kitchen, don’t simply assume you’ll stick with the original layout. Take the time to ask questions around different design options for the space and you might be surprised at the improvements that can be made. Whether it’s transforming an enclosed kitchen into an open plan space or installing new features such as a double oven, think about how you can upgrade to an improved kitchen space.

3. Forgetting about storage

Storage is something that’s always needed in the kitchen but it can be easily overlooked. Think of your renovation as a way to maximise on storage space and add features you wish you had in your existing kitchen. This could include pull out waste areas, additional storage solutions for your pantry or areas to hide appliances on the bench. You’ll never regret adding extra storage features to your new kitchen.

4. Scrimping on benchtops

When choosing a benchtop for your new kitchen, this is one area where you should invest in the best quality possible so don’t settle for a cheaper product. Benchtops are a high wear areas and if you go with a cheaper material, they tend to show wear and tear relatively quickly. A good benchtop will last forever (within reason) and can handle rough treatment without looking shabby.

5. Not consulting a design expert

Consulting a design expert is the easiest way to develop a bespoke kitchen design which utilises your space to its full potential and takes into consideration your specific requirements. A professional designer has the knowledge and expertise to transform your kitchen dream into reality and they’ll ask the right questions to truly get a sense of what you want in your finished product.

The Maker are an award-winning kitchen designer and manufacturer who specialise in providing modern kitchen design to Perth renovators. Our skilled design team will assist you with modern kitchen ideas to make sure your new kitchen is aesthetically beautiful as well as highly functional.

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