4 Signs It’s Time To Renovate Your Kitchen In 2023

Are you tired of your outdated and cramped kitchen holding you back from entertaining and cooking the way you want? At The Maker Designer Kitchens we believe that a kitchen renovation is not just about updating the look and feel of your space, but about creating your dream kitchen in your dream style. It also provides you with the opportunity to add functionality to your kitchen, maximising efficiency and enhancing your cooking experience. 

Imagine having a kitchen that not only wows your guests, but also makes them envious of your beautiful home. Not only will it be visually stunning, but it will also have all the storage and cooking features you need to make beautiful family meals and entertain with friends. A kitchen renovation not only adds value to your home; it’s an investment in your lifestyle.

Today, we’ll be looking at some of the reasons that it’s time to consider going ahead with your kitchen renovation in 2023.

1.Your layout just isn't working anymore

Ever felt like you’re battling every time you’re in the kitchen? Like things aren’t where they should be and you’re finding cooking more of a chore than a pleasure? These typically are symptoms of a dysfunctional kitchen layout. 

It’s amazing what we can get used to and you might have been struggling with the same awkward kitchen layout for years without really giving it much thought. However, it sometimes gets to the point where it’s time to upgrade your design to something that suits the needs of you and your family. If you have a layout that is awkward to use, doesn’t use the space efficiently and is simply not practical, despite your best efforts to adjust, a renovation might be on the cards.

Your kitchen layout should reflect your day-to-day needs and lifestyle. It should serve you – rather than you needing to work around it. 

When you renovate with The Maker Designer Kitchens you gain access to professional interior designers who will provide advice and practical suggestions on how to reinvent your kitchen to become the functional space it’s meant to be.

As part of our three-step process, our qualified interior designers will visit your home to get a feel for your space and develop a strong understanding of your requirements before starting work on the design. If you want to see how we’ve turned client briefs into brand-new kitchen designs, check out our kitchen before and after renovations

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2. Your kitchen design is dated

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing romantic or stylish about that old tired and worn out kitchen. Not only are those kitchen cabinets almost falling off, but the aesthetics also are just off trend and you know it. It is also possible that many of your kitchen appliances are out of date too. If your kitchen resembles something out of your parent’s favourite cookbook, it’s most definitely time to start rethinking that design. And what better time to start than the new year?

If you’re looking to drag your kitchen design out of the 80s and into 2023, then you’re in the right place. Our team of interior designers and cabinet makers manufacture bespoke kitchens designed to fit your individual needs. From the design to the final product, our team makes sure that all your ideas and desired style are incorporated to the very last detail. 

The team at the Maker Designer Kitchens is at the forefront of the latest design trends and methods and is ready to apply this to your kitchen. For more on the latest design trends in 2023, speak to one of our interior designers today.


3. Your kitchen feels perpetually messy

Are your benchtops overflowing with appliances and things you’re almost certain to belong somewhere or anywhere else? This problem is usually the result of a poor design and a lack of kitchen storage space.

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a kitchen that simply doesn’t have the storage space to keep up with your evolving needs. There’s only so much stacking of crockery, pots and pans you can do before your cupboards resemble an overcrowded dishwasher.

A lack of storage tends to spill over into other areas of your kitchen, like your benchtops. When you renovate your kitchen with us, we will design you a modern kitchen that accommodates your storage needs using the latest innovative storage solutions for kitchens in 2023.

Here at The Maker Designer Kitchens, we don’t just design for aesthetics. We design from the inside out and ensure that every aspect of your kitchen provides practical and usable storage. Being custom manufacturers, your kitchen makeover will fit your exact space and be fully customized to your family’s needs – you can forget about those off-the-shelf flat pack options. 


4. You're ready for that luxury kitchen you've always dreamed of

There comes a time, (and you might be feeling it right now) when you wake up and think: enough is enough. You’re ready for the new kitchen space and nothing’s going to stand in your way. 

At this stage, it’s good to start thinking about what your new luxury kitchen remodel will look like. Do you have any specific design ideas in mind, maybe some new appliances you’ve seen and desperately want for your home? Or are you a blank canvas in need of inspiration? 

Either way, if you’re ready to start redesigning your existing kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams and you’re reading this, take this as a sign that the time has come. 


Renovate your kitchen with The Maker Designer Kitchens

No matter whether you’ve started thinking about kitchen styles or not, if you identify with one of the signs above, then why renovate your kitchen tomorrow when you can start today?

Our unique three step process

We have a unique three step process when completing our bespoke kitchen renovations. Our interior design team will visit your home to assess your space, listen to your ideas and inspiration and get a feel for how you wish to use your kitchen now and in the future. We help advise on the best solutions to create your new kitchen design and provide recommendations on material selections and products to align with your budget.

We are Australia’s largest kitchen and stone manufacturer. We construct your custom kitchen onsite in our state of the art factory in Bassendean with our design team working in conjunction with our cabinet makers, stonemasons and installers throughout the entire build.

We invite you to visit our award winning showroom in Bassendean to view our luxury kitchens on display. Alternatively take a virtual tour here. Our showroom provides an opportunity to discuss your kitchen renovation with our interior designers and see working kitchens on display. Our showroom is open 8.30am – 4pm Monday to Friday and Saturdays 9am – 1pm. Click here for directions.

Alternatively, click the button below and we can connect with you electronically to help you with any questions you might have or book a design consult to discuss your project.

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