When you decide ‘Yes! We are going ahead with that much needed kitchen renovation!’ it can open the door to a whole new host of questions – many of which you might not have considered, or even known to ask! With DIY being all the rage at the moment and on every second TV show, it can feel like anyone with a hammer and a toolbelt knows how to tackle their own kitchen renovation – but without the right guidance it has the potential to go very wrong!
So, when should you consider handing over the reins to the experts and engage a professional kitchen designer for your project? Let’s discuss.

When you just don’t know where to start…

I don’t know about you, but take one look at my Pinterest account and you will see dozens upon dozens of pinned images of kitchens – of every style, colour, shape and layout you can imagine.
This is fantastic for inspiration, but does it actually help me bed down what it is I truly want? Or do any of the ideas I pour over (while dreaming of my newly renovated space) even work in my own home? And where do I begin to try and find out?
Wait! Before you go reaching for a bottle of wine in despair, this is where enlisting expert assistance can be a godsend. A good kitchen designer will work with you to identify your unique style, utilising the existing colour palette and take into account your ideas – then tie it all back in to work within your space, integrating your newly renovated kitchen seamlessly the rest of your house. Magic!

When your space is tricky, tricky, tricky!

Transforming your boxed in, face-brick 1980s style area into the sleek, spacious and functional designer kitchen you’ve always dreamed about is often not as simple as it looks.

It takes skill, years of practice and a fine eye to know how to best tackle rooms like this – which includes knowing when to work with the existing footprint, and when to pull out the sledgehammer!

A designer can show you how your new kitchen can flow from the rest of your home, open up the area to embrace natural light, or even blow you away with a whole new layout that you didn’t even realise could exist in that location.

Wow, I didn’t know you could do that!

Speaking of being blown away by new layouts, sometimes we just don’t see the full potential our home has to offer. Maybe we have become too accustomed to the current layout to see what could be, or maybe we just don’t have that ‘designer’s eye’. For the inexperienced renovator, a common tactic is to play it safe and not attempt anything too out there for fear of making a costly mistake.
This is a useful strategy when it comes to perhaps an investment property, or even a ‘quick flip’ renovation purchase. However, when we start to talk about your forever home and your dream kitchen – the importance of getting it right really does become crucial for many reasons, including maximising space, ensuring functionality, and most of all, that the finished product is what you have always dreamed of – without causing yourself unnecessary additional expense down the track.

When it comes to the renovation of such an important room in your house, it really isn’t something that you should be leaving to chance or worse, trial and error. There is a requirement for to be a lot of thought put in as multiple (very crucial!) elements need to be considered when creating an amazing kitchen, meaning an error in the design can prove very costly and can make the toughest of us shed more than a few tears!

The Maker’s team of award-winning designers are renowned for their design expertise, professionalism and customer service. We would love to assist with your kitchen renovation in Perth and our showroom is a great place to have an initial discussion with one of our friendly designers. Visit us today at 12 Dyer Road in Bassendean or give us a call on 1300 270 000.

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