10 August 2021


The traditional country style kitchen is a thing of beauty. Warm, inviting and with the power to evoke fond memories (the smell of nanna’s home-made apple pie!), it’s an institution that many people dream of bringing into their own home. So, when it comes to country kitchen designs how can you be sure that you’re on the right track to creating a masterpiece and not a mess? Read on for some of our designers’ tips!

Choose Your Tones Wisely

The intricate detail in the corbels and pilasters, the beautiful glass fronted cabinetry, the unique brass handles – all important pieces, working together harmoniously to enhance the feel of your traditional style kitchen. With so many elements at play, we need to be careful not to overwhelm the space. When considering what colour palette to use, rather than trying to inject bold and bright colours into the room, we suggest keeping it classic using warm neutrals such as cream, off-white and beige tones. This pairs beautifully with timber features such as polished wooden floorboards, and sets you on the right path to creating the homely and inviting vibes this kitchen deserves.

Don’t go too ‘Kitchy’

The ability to put your treasured items on display is a major drawcard to a country kitchen, but as tempting as it might be to style your space with every duck ornament you come across, we definitely suggest this might not be a great move – although we do love your enthusiasm for a theme!
Styling for a traditional style kitchen gives the homeowner freedom to take the best bits from times of old, and pop them artfully next to something modern and new. Think a gorgeous ornate brushed metal cookbook holder, next to a stylishly simple cream utensil holder – the best of both worlds side-by-side, perfectly complementing one another.

Don’t forget, your kitchen is the heart of your home!

When we think of a Country Style kitchen, we conjure up images of big gatherings around the oversized jarrah dining table, precious moments between friends over a glass of wine, and chats to Mum about our day while something delicious is bubbling on the stovetop. So, when it comes to designing your space, it is integral to keep this front of mind to ensure your kitchen is the haven within your home.

It can be overwhelming when looking at a space to know exactly how to tackle it, which is where our expert design team come in handy! We can take a look at your existing room and colour palette to point you in the right direction, as well as work with you to design something from scratch to create the kitchen of your dreams.

If you’d like to speak to one of our designers about your country style kitchen, give us a call today on 1300 270 000. From the initial discussion right the way through to after-sales care, The Maker will ensure your project is an enjoyable experience. The Maker is Western Australia’s most awarded kitchen design and manufacturer focused on providing quality customer service and innovative designs, with a wealth of experience in a number of different design styles.

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