When looking into kitchen designs and styles, we see lots of words and phrases being brandished around, and everyone is just expected to know what they mean. Understandably, if you aren’t a kitchen professional, you may struggle to know the difference between one style to another.

With the contemporary-modern kitchen design being one of the more popular trends, we decided to give a quick bootcamp on what this style description means, and how to then translate it into your home.

So, what is a contemporary modern kitchen?

The modern kitchen is a flexible style, is typically sleek and minimalist, and can be integrated effectively into most spaces – which is why it’s such a popular choice for homeowners.

A modern kitchen design offers streamlined and minimalist styling with clean lines and open spaces with ample storage – think flat-front cabinetry, sleek fixtures, stone features, wood accents, and stylish tile. The contemporary kitchen will blend modern design with a minimalistic aesthetic to create a distinctive look that transcends trends.

How do I achieve my own contemporary modern kitchen?

Key to achieving this versatile style within your own kitchen is exactly that – versatility. Which means when planning your modern kitchen, we advise to steer clear of any statement trends that may date your space or distract from the clean look of the room. Instead, create a kitchen that is timeless and can be altered through styling as you see fit.

When planning your modern kitchen design, it’s important to ensure that the light and space are maximised. This can be achieved with the use of reflective materials, beautiful engineered surfaces, glamorous concrete and cleverly designed kitchen storage solutions that enhance the useability of your space but don’t distract from the sleek and modern design.

In order to enhance the clean lines in this style of kitchen, we prefer to opt for cabinetry that has a flat panel design with no raised edges and select a colour scheme that is understated, neutral and compliments the rest of the home. Start with a neutral base of timbers, black and white, then incorporate blocks of colour, accents or highlights to make a point of difference.

A lack of ornamentation does not mean that modern kitchens cannot look beautiful. Their beauty and texture is defined by making use of natural features like marble benchtops, timber flooring, and strategically placed task lighting.

We recommend that while planning your perfect kitchen, you need to ensure not to neglect the practical aspects of the design. It can be easy to get caught up in how your kitchen will look but you have to love using it every day. Functionality, heights & placement of particular appliances are all incredibly important foundations to the perfect modern kitchen.

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