The urban-industrial style is one of the hottest design trends in Australian homes right now, and translates beautifully to the kitchen. And to be honest, what is not to love? Rough materials, such as iron, concrete or cement; paired with open double-height spaces with large windows and high ceilings with exposed beams – when done right, the style is uniquely stunning.

The urban-industrial style is based on the expansion and expression of the creative industry in the mid-20th century in the United States. Where artists, painters, sculptors and designers were aiming for unique wide and open-plan spaces where they could mix their personal and professional life – and were commonly found in reclaimed factories and warehouses, which lent the spaces and the “bones” of this distinctive style.

If the modern-industrial kitchen design is something that appeals to you, there are a couple of key elements you simply need to get right. Read on to learn our ‘must-haves’ for nailing an industrial look in your home.


The industrial style works best when there is an abundance of natural light in the room, as it creates a spacious, open atmosphere as seen in most industrial buildings. So if you are building or renovating your space, try to incorporate as many opportunities for natural light as possible – big windows, skylights etc, are all winners when it comes to setting the tone of the room.

When it comes to any artificial lighting, basic is better. We recommend choosing lights that are quite modest, like those you would see in an old factory. Bare hanging light bulbs, pipe lights, simple antique light fittings or Edison bulbs all work very well in this style.


In the modern-industrial kitchen it’s all about texture, and lots of it. From the base of the room such as the walls, floors and cabinetry, to the furnishings and styling items.
The must-have elements that we recommend as the foundation for your design are: concrete, stainless steel, brick and exposed materials. We suggest using a combination of many different industrial textures to nail your look, however in order to prevent your kitchen from feeling ‘cold industrial’ remember to also incorporate multiple timber elements to warm the space up.

Think rustic, worn down, heavy-duty and unfinished as key components of the modern-industrial kitchen. You can opt for a variety of natural materials, antiques, and modern man-made elements to create this look.

Some key ways to add much needed texture to your kitchen are through the use of concrete benchtops or flooring; metal stools, lighting and racks for storage; exposed brick walls; wooden beams in the ceiling or used as timber shelving; and consider the use of subway tiles in your splashback for a modern twist.

Less is More

Industrial-modern kitchens tend to have a very clutter-free and open look, which aids in allowing the textures of the space shine and make a statement. So, to stay true to the origins of the industrial look, remember that less is often more.

For example, when compared to a cosy country kitchen that often has rugs and decorations galore, we suggest keeping this kitchen simple to achieve that sought-after authentic modern, industrial atmosphere.

The key to designing the perfect modern-industrial kitchen is to bring together a number of very different elements to create a unique, yet unified look, which can be tricky if you haven’t had experience with this design style before.

The team of kitchen designers at The Maker are experienced, award-winning and ready to help you embark on your industrial style kitchen renovation in Perth. Whether it’s a complete makeover in the style, or just a few key elements you want incorporated, we can assist to ensure the process is enjoyable and stress-free. Our designers are on hand in our showroom Monday through to Friday to assist with your design and getting your project underway. To find out more, call us today on 1300 270 000.

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