There is something timeless about the sleek, clean lines of the minimalist kitchen, and this style works beautifully in modern, open plan living. While the minimalist kitchen is often used in conjunction with other styles, many people are embracing it as a style in its own right, thanks to the efficient design and elegant aesthetic. Let’s take a look at some of our favourite kitchen ideas if you’re ready to embrace the minimalist look for your new kitchen.

1. Clean cabinetry

In keeping with the clean aesthetic of a minimalist kitchen, cabinetry is fuss-free and without embellishment. Rather than the ornate, moulded cabinets featured in other designs, go for simple cabinets with clean lines.

2. Minimal hardware

Even the smaller details can enhance the aesthetic of your minimalist kitchen, so don’t neglect features such as your cabinet hardware. Handle-less cabinets such as touch-catch cabinets or fingergrips are a great option to consider as they offer an unbroken finish and uninterrupted flow.

3. Integrated appliances

The concept of integrated appliances is very popular in modern kitchen design, and it’s the perfect option for the minimalist kitchens so the aesthetic can maintain the signature clean lines. Think about integrating your dishwasher and fridge into the cabinetry.

5. Scullery

If your aim is to have a minimalist kitchen, it’s all about keeping clutter to a minimum, and a scullery offers the perfect way to keep the evidence of food preparation and cleaning up out of sight of guests and away from the main entertaining area.

6. Neutral palette

With the pared back aesthetic and sleek lines of minimalist design, a subtle colour palette is favoured. Embrace neutral colours in your kitchen, including whites, creams and greys. If you have a larger space, navy and charcoal can also be used to great effect.

7. Natural materials

Although a minimalist kitchen has an uncluttered aesthetic, that doesn’t mean that it needs to look clinical. Introducing natural materials into the space adds warmth and texture – think stone benchtops, timber cabinetry or feature plants.

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