When it comes to new kitchens, Perth renovators are often on the lookout for something that will add a point of interest and make your kitchen really stand out. However, you need to make sure you get the balance right so you don’t make design choices which will date too quickly. Today, we’re looking at our top designer tips for giving your kitchen the ‘wow’ factor without going too over the top.

Use splashes of colour

Colour is an effective way of adding interest to your kitchen and there are a number of ways you can add pops of colour into the space. Even if your cabinetry is neutral, you could opt for a painted feature wall, striking splashbacks or vibrant wallpaper within the kitchen area. When you’re looking for appliances, they often come in a range of colours which is another way of adding interest. You could also consider open shelving in some areas to display bright accents through crockery or vases.

Mix up textures and patterns

Mixed textures and interesting patterns can easily be incorporated into the kitchen for added interest. Using accents of wood within the cabinetry is a popular option as it’s a timeless look which also softens the feel of the kitchen. Marble or granite benchtops can also be extended up the wall or down the front of the bench as an additional feature. Splashbacks are a great option for adding texture through geometric shapes, textured tiles or mirrored splashbacks.

Think about lighting

Don’t underestimate the appeal of the lighting in your new kitchen and think about how it could contribute to the look of the space. Large, statement pendant lights above the benchtop are the perfect way to add aesthetic appeal and well placed LED lights below your cabinets can make your new kitchen look spectacular at night. If your kitchen has always been a relatively dark area, you could also consider a well places skylight to really brighten things up.

Go for the streamlined look

Adding something different to your kitchen isn’t all about colour and texture. Sometimes, the most effective way to have a striking kitchen is to opt for a minimal, streamlined look. Move away from clutter by going with a kitchen design that has an integrated approach so appliances are concealed and storage ensures benchtops are left clear. This leaves sleek, clean lines which really capture the eye.

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