When you first decide to renovate your kitchen, most people spend hours poring over pictures to help find the perfect style for your new space. Although the aesthetics of your kitchen is one of the main considerations in the design process, you also need to make sure that you have a functional space. The Maker specialise in kitchen renovations Perth and today we’ll be looking at our tips for ensuring that your new kitchen is highly functional.

1. Consider your floor plan

The floor plan of your new kitchen can make all the difference when it comes to functionality. Don’t simply replicate the layout of your existing kitchen – think about how the design of the area could be improved. Consider how the space will be used. Do you need to cater for a number of people in the same space at once? Would you like the design to encourage guests to sit at the bench? Where do appliances need to be placed for optimal convenience? Every floor plan will be unique so take the time to think about what you need.

2. Think about bench space

It’s important that you don’t go for a one size fits all approach to bench space – instead, make it suit your needs. If you cook infrequently or have a small family, you may not need to incorporate a large expanse of benchtop which simply won’t get used. However, if you have a large family or are a keen entertainer, you need to have a good amount of bench space. The space between your cooktop and sink is often the most used area of the bench so give yourself sufficient room. Even if you don’t cook very often, an island bench is a highly functional feature is it can double as a meals area when you incorporate bar stools.

3. Use clever storage solutions

Storage space is at a premium in many kitchens so in your new kitchen design, think about how much storage you need and features which will make storage easier. Don’t overlook basic features such as an area for rubbish and recycling and try to incorporate as many storage areas as possible into the design. Remember that drawers tend to be more practical than cupboards when it comes to accessing items and think about integrated storage solutions to minimise the visibility of appliances.

4. Speak with a designer

It’s a good idea to speak to an experienced kitchen designer during your design process as they’ll be able to offer guidance on the best way to combine functionality with aesthetic appeal. A designer will also be on top of current innovations so they can offer up to date solutions to ensure your kitchen is user friendly and well laid out.

If you’re looking for kitchen renovation ideas, speak to one of the award-winning designers at The Maker. We are Western Australia’s most awarded kitchen designer and pride ourselves on our customised, innovative designs. With our quality workmanship and exceptional customer service, we’ve been leading the industry since 2000. Let us create the kitchen of your dreams.

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