Selecting your kitchen appliances is a very important part of the kitchen design process. It’s vital to make sure that your oven, cooktop and rangehood match your cooking style; and that your fridge/freezer and dishwasher are the right size for your family needs. Functionality is key for a great kitchen, but if you are also looking for a certain design aesthetic there are so many spectacular appliances on the market these days that work beautifully for a practical kitchen and will also create a stunning design aesthetic for your home. When you’re beginning the kitchen design process we always recommend to our clients to research the vast options available for your kitchen appliances as your choices will heavily influence the design process. Here we have prepared some inspiration around some of the design styles you might consider as part of your kitchen project.

Freestanding vs Integrated

When selecting your oven, dishwasher and fridge/freezer you can create a point of difference in your design with integration. What this means is that your appliances are visible or hidden behind cabinetry.

Integration levels can range from from semi (where a part of a dishwasher panel might be shown) to fully integrated where your entire dishwasher or fridge is concealed behind cabinetry giving you a seamless flow of colour and cabinetry in your design.

When selecting your oven; were all most familiar with a built in style – whereas a freestanding oven like in the image shown below creates a striking feature in your overall kitchen design.

Gas vs Induction Cooktops

There are so many brilliant cooktops on the market these days! Choosing yours will likely come down to your style of cooking and what is best suited for the food your family eats.

If you’re a gas devotee you might like to also check out one of our favourites – the Pitt Cooktop. A stylish new cooking concept where all the burners are integrated directly into your countertop.

You can select one Pitt Cooktop to pair with an induction hotplate or as many as you feel fit to suit your cooking needs. You can even specify exactly how you would like them positioned and spaced out between each other.

We have the only demonstration Pitt Cooktop on display in our Bassendean showroom.

If you like sleek and minimal style designs an Induction cooktop might be more your style. When choosing this style it will also present you with the opportunity to incorporate a stone splashback for your kitchen design.

Kitchen Rangehoods

The opportunities are exciting when selecting a rangehood for your kitchen as there are many styles now available to choose from. To be well prepared for your Design Consult we would like for you to be able to guide us on what style you like. Having selected a model is not important – but knowing what style you want helps with the overall design process.

Your options range from undermount rangehoods where your cabinetry is built around it. We can help you design a custom look and feel here.

Canopy Rangehoods pair well with floating and open style shelf designs and island rangehoods look great when paired with a Pitt or feature cooktop.

Innovative new rangehood styles now exist like the Whispair Paris Island canopy which is circular and can be installed singular, as a pair, or in customised colours. A stunning way to embrace curves in your design.

If you dislike the look of rangehoods altogether you might like a cassette rangehood in your ceiling which sits flush with your roof; or a downdraft cooktop that has the extraction system incorporated directly into the cooktop.


No longer the boring kitchen cousin – sink technology and designs have also come a long way in recent years. We’re keen to know if you want an inset or undermount, square or round, single or double?

There are new products on the market that allow you to match your sink with your benchtop. Are you looking to create a similar style in your kitchen design?

Another consideration for your design is the butler’s style sink like shown below. These also come in traditional white ceramic, black or stainless steel options.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this feature on some of our favourite kitchen trends and styles that really inspire us to do what we do. If you’d like to see them in person, contact our office on 1300 270 000 to book a showroom appointment, and chat with our award-winning consultants on how you can transform your kitchen, today!

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