9 August 2021


Industrial style kitchens are edgy, raw, and quirky, embracing the old and repurposing it for the new. Often associated with large, soaring, loft-like spaces, the industrial style kitchen is also adaptable and flexible, meaning you can take this design style as far as you like. Hailing from the United States, the industrial style was originally an expression of the creative industry, where designers, artists and painters would seek out expansive and open-plan spaces to work in. Nowadays, the industrial style kitchen has gained popularity throughout Perth for its unique style and flair. Discovering the key elements of this kitchen design style will reveal whether this style will suit your home and individual taste.

The right space

Although an industrial style kitchen design can work in any space, they work best with the right architecture. Architectural features such as high ceilings, original floorboards, large windows and exposed beams lends itself well to this style. If you already have these elements in your home, consider working with them as part of an industrial style kitchen, rather than against them.

Concrete and Raw materials

Polished concrete floors are the perfect choice for an industrial style kitchen, with raw materials and textures taking the main stage in this design style. Hard-wearing and durable, a concrete floor is not only practical for everyday use but perfectly complements the utilitarian style of the industrial kitchen. Likewise, stainless steel elements are a great feature – a stainless steel benchtop, appliances, or as shelving are all effective nods to the style. Exposed bricks will also add some soul and personality, along with exposed pipes for an edgier and truly industrial feel.

Timber Elements

Timber and wood grain will add warmth to your industrial style kitchen, and this is important, with the other elements of this design style such as concrete and steel being quite cold. If you have an older character home, keeping the original wood flooring is critical in keeping with the design style. If you’ve gone with a concrete floor, timber elements can be brought in through the cabinetry, as a timber benchtop, or through styling items such as timber bar stools.

Metal Elements

Bringing some raw metal elements into your industrial style kitchen design is another essential element of this unique style. Iron and brass features, through cabinetry handles, lighting, bar stools, dining furniture or other styling items, will complement the rawness and edge of the other materials in the kitchen. Bringing in black tones is another option, again in handles or lighting as a bold combination to the metallic features. An industrial style kitchen can really come together through styling pieces and decorative items – with open shelving a common feature, this gives an opportunity to showcase the personality of the homeowner with items on display. A hanging pot rack is another great way to tie the style together.

If you’re after an industrial style kitchen in Perth, The Maker is an award-winning kitchen designer and manufacturer, with a lot of experience in this design style. Our designers are on hand in our showroom Monday through to Friday to assist with your design and getting your project underway. To find out more, call us today on 1300 270 000.

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