8 August 2021


Classic style kitchens: Elegant, timeless, sophisticated and designed to fit in with any space and house type. Designed to never go out of style, classic style kitchens blend in seamlessly with their environment, rather than making a bold statement. Classic kitchens are a great choice for the savvy renovator, playing it safe in terms of future-proofing the kitchen and appealing to potential future buyers, but how can you make your classic style kitchen stand out from the rest? Today we’re looking at how to add some unique features to your classic style kitchen, reflecting your personality and individual style.

Lighting elements

A great way of adding a unique touch to your classic kitchen is by way of lighting features. As a classic style kitchen will often showcase an island bench, pendant lights are a fantastic way to create a feature. Pendant lights come in many styles, shapes and textures, so choosing one to reflect your personal style and house type is easy. Pendant lighting could add a retro touch, a traditional or country feel (think chandeliers), an industrial edgy look with brass or metallic fittings, or even add a burst of colour to your neutral toned kitchen.

Bar stools and seating options

While we’re on the topic of island benches, bar stools or other seating options are another effective way of bringing some personality and unique flair into a classic style kitchen design. Bar stools will encourage and welcome friends and family to congregate in the kitchen space, with the added bonus of it becoming an entertaining zone as well as a meal preparation zone. The choice of bar stools or seating options can go a long way towards adding some quirkiness to the classic style kitchen, again with plenty of options to choose from. Think raw, textural bar stools made from brass or metal for a more industrial look, timber style stools to accompany a modern or coastal style (or to accentuate the cabinetry colours), or brightly coloured seats to make a statement and complement a neutral toned kitchen. Consider the layout of your island and the proposed seating early on in the design process to ensure that using the space for both entertaining and meal preparation purposes will work seamlessly in reality.

Interior styling

One of the easiest methods of adding uniqueness and personality to your classic style kitchen is with some simple interior styling. This can be achieved in a myriad of ways: Small indoor plants will freshen and liven the space, while adding a pop of greenery, and decorative items such as vases or crockery sets displayed inside glass fronted cabinets or on open shelving is an effective personal touch. Cookbooks on display are also a great option for the chefs amongst us. Small colourful appliances, such as toasters, kettles, coffee machines or food processors, can also add to the design aesthetic and bring a colour palette together.

If you’re after a classic style kitchen design, our team of experienced designers can help you. A visit to our showroom is a great place to start your project, giving you an idea of the kitchen design styles that might resonate with you, and providing an opportunity to see, touch and feel different products and spaces. Our showroom is open Monday through to Saturday, with our designers available for a chat about your project. Alternatively, to make a booking for a design consultation, give us a call today on 1300 270 000.

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