When it comes to interior design, one of the current trends is integrating Scandinavian design principles. Scandinavian design embraces the idea of minimalism with a no-fuss, functional approach, using natural textures and light to enhance the space. This approach can be easily implemented into your new kitchen design. Let’s take a look at some of the features you might find in a Scandinavian kitchen, so you can think about working these into your own design.


The Scandinavian style calls for a pared-back approach to the design, with uninterrupted lines and minimal fuss. However, this isn’t an ultra-modern, glossy look – it may be simplistic, but it also uses rustic touches to give a sense of warmth. Keeping the space free of clutter is also an important aspect of the Scandinavian look, so be sure to incorporate plenty of storage into the space.

Natural timber

The Scandinavian kitchen is about simplicity and warmth, which is why natural timber is regularly featured. Stay away from dark tones – light timber lends itself to this style, and can be introduced into the space by way of floorboards or timber cabinetry. Pale washed timber also fits well with the Scandinavian look.

Functional furniture

When it comes to furniture in your kitchen and dining area, such as bar stools and dining table, go for simplistic and functional designs. Remember to steer away from ultra-modern, clinical furniture, and opt instead for pieces which incorporate some texture and interest.

White palette

A white palette is synonymous with Scandinavian style, and it perfectly complements natural timber accents, while also reflecting natural light. If you do want to introduce some other colours accents into the space, muted greens, blues and earthy tones work best. It’s about creating subtle contrast with colours and textures.

Natural light

There’s a big emphasis on natural light in Scandinavian style, so think about allowing as much light as possible into your space. Large windows suit this style well – leave them as simple and unobstructed as possible, with minimal or no window treatments. If you do need to have some window treatments, opt for light, sheer options or simple wooden blinds.


With the focus on simplicity and natural textures, it should come as no surprise that you won’t see unnecessary accessories in a Scandinavian kitchen. However, a touch of greenery is a welcome addition which will help soften the space. Look for indoor plants which are easy to maintain, and house them in neutral pots.

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