We spend a lot of time in our kitchens, so it makes sense to take the time to choose a style you really love when planning renovations. Two of the most popular design options are the classic and modern styles, both of which offer something different for your new space. If you’re not sure whether you want to go for a modern look or a more classic kitchen design, we’re here to help by giving you the key features of these two styles.

Classic kitchen

The classic kitchen is all about timeless appeal, and is designed to give a warm, welcoming feel. The classic design incorporates natural materials such as timber, which can be integrated through wooden flooring or cabinetry. The cabinetry itself is simple and functional, with overhead storage extending to the ceiling to make the most of the available space.

When it comes to the colour scheme, classic kitchens favour neutral colours. Whites, creams and greys are popular choices, and are integrated in a way that still retains a feeling of warmth. The design works to enhance the natural light in the space for a relaxed, open feel, and island benches allow for easy entertaining. The classic kitchen is all about creating a space which is the true heart of the home.

Modern kitchen

The modern kitchen is all about a sleek look with clean, smooth lines and minimal fuss. With this in mind, cabinetry is minimalistic ,and handle-less options are often utilised. Reflective surfaces enhance the sophisticated feel, with high gloss cabinets and mirrored or glass splashbacks.

The uncluttered aesthetic of the modern kitchen means that there are plenty of clever storage solutions, with integrated appliances, easy-to-use drawers, and pull-out pantries. Although white remains a popular colour choice, many modern kitchens also use splashes of primary colour such as yellow, red and blue to great effect.

Mix and match your own style

Remember that when you design your kitchen, you’re not restricted to a single style. If you love aspects of both the classic and modern kitchen, you can add elements of both to your design. For example, modern pendant lights and stainless steel accents can give a contemporary edge to a classic design. The functionality of the modern kitchen, such as soft-close drawers and pull-out pantries, can also be used to great effect with the classic kitchen. On the other hand, classic features can add a sense of warmth to a modern design.

Whether you prefer a modern or a classic kitchen, or want to incorporate elements of both, The Maker can help. We’re Western Australia’s most awarded kitchen designer and manufacturer, leading the industry when it comes to customised designs. If you’re not sure which style you like, our extensive showrooms feature seven life-size kitchens for inspiration.

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