When it comes to embarking on any renovation of your home, a common question early in the planning is often “Can I do this myself, or should I hire a professional?”.
With so many things to do around your home, it can be difficult to distinguish what you can do yourself and what should be left to the pros, however some rooms are just more important to get right than others – and when it comes to kitchen renovations, they fall squarely in that ‘we need to get this right’ category.

Leaping headfirst into a kitchen remodel without much thought or planning and can quickly leave the homeowner with a potentially costly mess on their hands. Here are some of our top things for you to consider if you’re thinking of commencing your own kitchen renovation in Perth.

Poor Design

In a kitchen remodel, the goal is typically to expand, update, or even rearrange the space for better functionality. It goes without saying that getting the design right is vital, as the kitchen is the hub of your home – and the centre of many activities within the house.

From feeding the family to hosting and entertaining, it’s important that your kitchen is designed around how you will use the space – and copy-catting a layout that works for your friend or one you have spotted on Pinterest isn’t always going to be what works for your lifestyle, or even suit your existing home. The bottom line here is designing a layout that poorly organises the space and chooses options that are more pretty than usable will make for a kitchen that is awkward to move around in and inefficient.

Wasting Space

Although space wastage is typically a by-product of poor design, we definitely think it’s important enough to warrant its own section. While it’s important to keep a kitchen roomy and airy, it’s also vital to make efficient use of space by squeezing every inch of storage or utility out of the design – after all, we promise you that even if you have extra storage to begin with, a kitchens contents nearly always expands to fill the space available, as clutter has a habit of building up over time. Therefore, while important to create a kitchen that feels roomy and airy, it’s also crucial to make efficient use of the space by squeezing every ounce of storage or functionally from the design.

Not Planning a Budget

It may surprise you how many people start on their journey of kitchen renovations without putting adequate consideration into not only what they are looking to spend on the remodel, but also doing some research into how much their desired changes will actually cost.

Depending on the scope of your new design, your new kitchen may be a simple cabinetry and benchtop refresh; or can mean the removal of walls and relocation of plumbing services finished with sparkling new appliances throughout – and failing to be realistic about your budget is a sure-fire way to add additional financial and emotional stress to what should be an exciting experience.

Gaps in Experience

If kitchen design or home renovations are not your profession, you run the risk of missing some pretty major issues that can come back to bite you down the road. Take kitchen cabinets as an example, they are the workhorse of your kitchen and can last a long time if chosen wisely. In our experience, we have learned that it is worthwhile to buy the highest-quality cabinets you can afford, designed by someone who knows how cabinetry works. Did you know some rangehoods require deeper than standard cabinets surrounding the range to hide the sides of the appliance? There are hundreds of little details such as this learned through experience that can make or break your remodel.

With careful planning, thoughtful design and a considered choice of supplier, a kitchen renovation can improve the overall value and liveability of your home – which is why our advice is to put down the nail gun and pick up the phone to an expert.

Consulting a kitchen professional who can tell you about the quality and total costs of your products will help you in realising your new-kitchen dreams without the heartache that comes from getting it wrong.

If you’re just getting started on your kitchen renovation in Perth, The Maker’s showroom in Bassendean is a great place to start your journey. Pop in for a casual discussion with one of our award-winning kitchen designers, or alternatively book an appointment for a design consultation.

To find out more information on how we can assist you, call us today on 1300 270 000.

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