What first springs to mind when someone mentions the high-tech kitchen of the future? Being able to interact with, and control your appliances with your voice alone? Benchtops that with a push of a button, transform into a dining room table with a fully cooked meal on it? Meals that cook themselves, and have the consideration to clean up after themselves too?

While these kinds of space-age capabilities are not readily available to us just yet (better not bin that apron too soon!), due to the way we are using our home for more than just chopping onions and cooking a casserole – technology does have a significant role to play in today’s modern kitchen. Our lifestyles have changed and in-turn, the function of the kitchen has changed. Following this, technology has been embraced to assist in meeting our ever-evolving needs.

Lots of us have already started taking steps toward a high-tech designer kitchen in our home, without fully realising we’re doing it! Having a tablet set up in the kitchen has become the new normal, especially if you need to look up recipes, pay some of the bills that have piled up on the counter or watch your e-mail inbox for an important message.

Modern floor plans also allow for the kitchen to be a central part of the home, meaning that entertainment or activity hubs are often close-by, further connecting the kitchen to technology and in turn encouraging family members to gather in the space.

Of course, one day when your robotic chef is cooking all your meals, you might completely forget what it was like to ever do any sort of work in the kitchen. But until then, here are some ideas that can make your kitchen more entertaining, informative and efficient.

Induction Cooking

Whilst not a super new technology, induction cooking is definitely becoming more and more popular – especially as dropping prices mean this tech is no longer just reserved for the rich and famous.

The difference in performance, especially in heat responsiveness, is significant compared to your standard electric hotplate. And although we do still love gas, we definitely don’t love the tedious cleaning process and how hard it is to get around those burners! Another handy bonus for induction cooking is the sleek cooktops look a lot like typical glass-top electric ranges, so the clean lines of your kitchen benchtop remain undisrupted and easy on the eyes.

Steam Ovens

Unlike traditional ovens which use hot air created by heating elements to cook, steam ovens simply use hot, pressurised steam. Perfect for delicate foods such as croissants, macarons and light sponges, they are also fantastic for cooking meat, fish and vegetables.

These appliances are available from many manufacturers, and most today also function as convection ovens. But the steam oven’s real claims to fame are its easy-to-clean interior, faster cook times, and the moist, flavourful foods it produces – the perfect addition alongside your conventional oven for all keen cooks!

Smart Appliances

The level of connectivity that exists within our homes to our devices is only growing as smart homes become the standard, and the kitchen is not missing out on this! This includes having remote access to your appliances through your smartphone, so you don’t need to be home to turn on the oven. For example, or a kettle that you can flick on from the comfort of your bed for that all-important first coffee of the day!

Fridges are becoming smart enough to track groceries and create list for your weekly shop, and some even have glass windows that become transparent with a touch – allowing you to look inside without opening doors to let out the cold air. Clever!

Sensor-touch cabinetry

Imagine the doors on your overhead cabinetry lifting up and open at the touch of a finger? Well, with the Aventos range from BLUM, this is a reality. Using unique lift systems, even large and heavy fronts glide open with gravity-defying ease, and they close again just as easily. Just press the switch which is within easy reach on the face of the cabinet and they close softly and effortlessly with soft-close. This technology is not just confined to overheads, your drawers can be fitted with the same pull-out systems to ensure that all storage in your kitchen is a breeze to access.

For those with busy schedules, technology is helping to navigate the kitchen more efficiently and get food on the table faster. Likewise for those who enjoy being in the kitchen and have the skills to whip up culinary delights, technology is allowing them to hone their skills and become even more passionate about what they love.

Technology in your kitchen design is something to be embraced, and not scared of. Whether you are a tech-geek who loves all the latest, or just someone who wants to see how a few little changes can make your culinary journey easier, the expert team at The Maker can help walk you through options. Our showroom in Bassendean has many innovative designs and products on display as part of fully functional kitchens, and our designers can recommend the best options and products for your specific needs. To make a booking for a design consultation, give us a call today on 1300 270 000.

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