It’s amazing the difference natural light can make to a kitchen. A space that once seemed small and drab can suddenly be transformed simply by allowing more light to be introduced into the space. With this in mind, it’s important that you consider the light factor in your new kitchen design. Today, we’re sharing our top kitchen designs ideas for introducing natural light into your new kitchen.

Choose a light colour scheme

If you want to enhance the natural light in your new kitchen, choosing a light colour scheme, such as white, is a popular option. White surfaces have the ability to reflect light and open up a space which is perfect if your kitchen doesn’t receive a huge amount of natural light. When it comes to reflecting light, features such as mirrored splashbacks can also be incorporated.

Utilise secondary light

Natural light can often be introduced through secondary light from other areas of the house. If your kitchen is in a closed in areas with very little light, consider removing a wall or cutting out a section to open up the space and let the light in. If your kitchen is situated on an open plan area which leads outside, you could also look at glass French doors or retractable doors as the natural light can then fill the entire space.

Install a skylight

If your kitchen is in a location which simply doesn’t allow for a large amount of natural light, consider installing a skylight. A skylight is an easy way to introduce light into your space and it provides a unique effect as the sun moves across the sky throughout the day. These days, it’s easy to find skylights that have visual appeal so they become a feature themselves. The skylight doesn’t have to be big – even a small skylight can make a big difference.

Incorporate windows

Incorporating additional windows into your kitchen design in the place of traditional splashbacks or overhead cabinets not only looks beautiful but also allows natural light to flood into the new space. You can choose to have well-placed smaller windows or, if you have the space, go for larger windows which extend up to the ceiling – whatever works best for your space. As a unique feature, you can also opt for a transparent splashback with views to the outside.

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