Choosing a neutral colour scheme for your new kitchen has a number of benefits. It provides a classic, timeless look, fits seamlessly with the rest of the home and opens up your space. However, many people worry that a neutral kitchen just doesn’t have enough personality. As experts in providing customised kitchens in Perth, The Maker are here offer our insight into ways you can add interest and personality to a neutral kitchen.

Layer in different textures

A neutral kitchen is anything but boring when you layer in different textures. Look at options such as some feature wooden cabinets, granite, marble or stainless-steel benchtops, hardwood or stone flooring, or interesting splashbacks. All of these design options add texture and interest to your new kitchen and work well due to the versatility of a neutral palette. Even small touches, such as brass cabinet handles, can add to the final look. You can also accessorise with different textures such as displaying brass cookware or using contrasting bar stools.

Don’t just stick to white

Choosing a neutral colour scheme for your kitchen doesn’t just mean opting for white. If you want something a little different while also sticking with a neutral palette, you could also go for shades of cream, blue, grey or black. A popular design choice is to mix and match – go with white for your upper cabinets but a dark blue for the cabinets below the benchtop. Your kitchen designer will be able to advise you on the best colour choice for your area. Even if you do opt for white cabinets, they don’t have to be boring. If you want something a little different, choose textured cabinets or add in some moulding at various points.

Add a pop of colour

Having a predominantly neutral palette in your kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t inject some colour. Well placed splashes of colour can lift the area and provide a focal point. Consider touches of colour in your splashbacks or a feature benchtop in a colour that offsets the rest of the kitchen. Colour can also be used to great effect with feature light fittings or coloured bar stools. You can also choose to have display shelving where you can add your own colourful accessories. Plants are also a great way to add colour to your area and if you have a large space, pieces of artwork can also be utilised to great effect.

The Maker are Western Australia’s Most awarded Perth kitchens designer and manufacturer. Our award-winning team of designers provide customised new design kitchens and will work with you to create a space which is both functional and beautiful. From conception to the final product, we support you every step of the way to ensure an exciting and rewarding experience.

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