18 July 2021


Technology in the kitchen has come a long way in recent years and it’s no secret that we’re always looking for new and innovative ideas to make our busy lives easier and more efficient. 2022 looks set to be another big year for new gadgets and with a few of these modern kitchen appliances that will not only make your life easier, but also make you the envy of your friends with your advanced technology!

In-bench cooktops

When induction cooktops came out they became instantly popular due to their minimalist and sleek design, allowing the benchtop to speak for itself. Well, we’ve gone one step further now with a lot of popular brands offering in-bench cooktops where the hob is surface-mounted into the benchtop. This seamless modern kitchen design boasts a distinctively stylish look, with brands such as PITT leading the market for gas hobs. If you want to go one better, in-bench fryers and steamers are also available. A lot of brands now also offer hybrid cooktops, allowing you to change between gas and induction as you need.


The traditional overhead rangehood has been shaken up in the past few years, with pop-up downdraft options appearing on the market, with extraction built into the cooktop. Glamorous and stylish pendant lights over the island bench are also doubling as recirculation units, with carbon filters inside for recirculation that are even dishwasher safe. Ceiling mounted cassette rangehoods offer many design and ducting options, so if you’re after a slick and uncluttered look in your modern kitchen, that could be a great solution. These innovations have changed the way we think with modern kitchen design, and without needing to factor a rangehood into a design, the options are plentiful and results in a unique contemporary twist in the kitchen.

Cooking and preparation innovation

Combi-steam ovens, incorporating both traditional convection and steam cooking functionality, brings a dynamic level of versatility to your cooking, with Asko, Neff and Gaggenau all providing high-end options. Vacuum drawers, for food preservation or marinating, can be integrated effortlessly, enabling you to achieve restaurant-quality dishes. Blast chillers are also becoming more commonly used outside of a commercial-grade kitchen, with applications in the home such as instant freezing, defrosting and reheating to serving temperature, and food preservation and storage convenience just some of the uses. Finally, filtered all-in-one taps with boiling, chilled and even sparkling water means we no longer need the fridge to do this for us.

If you’re looking to utilise new technology in your modern kitchen, we can help. The Maker’s showroom in Bassendean has many innovative designs and products on display as part of fully functional kitchens, and our designers can recommend the best options and products for your specific needs. To make a booking for a design consultation, give us a call today on 1300 270 000.

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