Despite the rise in contemporary and minimalist designs, traditional kitchens are still among the most popular kitchen styles. Drawing from the farm homes of early settlers, this style mimics the look and feel of days past. It incorporates the simplified, minimalistic décor moulded by the surroundings of farmhouse residents and their need for sturdy, practical furnishings.

Regardless of if you wish to own a classic traditional kitchen, or instead create a more modern interpretation of the trend, the neutral colour palette and grandiose design scheme create a beautiful kitchen space that’s sure to stay in style for a long time.

We share some design ideas for your traditional kitchen, that will suit both classic and modern tastes.

The Classic Style

Classic farmhouse style has trademark elements that echo farm homesteads, with a focus on natural materials and fine craftsmanship in an effort to create a warm and comfortable kitchen design where guests will feel welcome and want to spend plenty of time.

Natural wood: On a farmstead timber was abundant, and therefore the natural building material – which is heavily reflected in traditional design. Farm homes usually had panelled wood walls, wide-plank floors and exposed wood beams. Today’s classic farmhouse style often uses barn board for accent panelling and butcher block for countertops.

Butlers sinks: Nothing says farmhouse like a butlers sink, perfect for washing those oversized pots and pans required to feed a large family.

Vintage furniture and accessories: An easy way to decorate in classic farmhouse style is to use vintage furnishings. It’s best if they’re not in perfect condition and they could even have weathered finishes. Look for beautiful pieces of furniture such as bar stools or buffets. Vintage-inspired lighting looks ideal in a classic farmhouse, and

Traditional fabrics: Decorating fabrics lean toward floral and paisley, and slipcovers give vintage furniture a second life.

The Modern Interpretation

Modern farmhouse design is a more polished version of the traditional style, one that may be applied a little easier for homeowners who have a newer home but still love the country feel.

This spin on traditional takes the comfortable, relaxed farmhouse style and adds modern touches such as smooth lines, glossy accents and neutral colour schemes. It’s less rustic, more sophisticated and uses contemporary design elements like stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and sleek lighting. To get the modern farmhouse look, take the natural elements of farmhouse style and add clean lines with modern home accents. This then gives your home the relaxed, comfortable touches of a farmhouse with a cool, contemporary vibe.

Mix and match: Modern farmhouse loves furniture that isn’t uniform, especially if the mix and match come from combining vintage and new together. Vintage furniture has authenticity, whilst furniture brings added comfort and style. Take it a step further by also combining traditional natural timber elements newer ones like stainless steel or concrete.

Natural elements: Continue in the vein of classic farmhouse by introducing distressed wood in architectural features or furniture, but also take it a step further with the inclusion of natural fibres, such as cotton, wicker, and natural stone.

Inject the modern: Modern or industrial elements help make farmhouse style feel current. Use modern stainless-steel appliances rather than an old AGA oven. Introduce industrial-style metal objects like modern lighting fixtures and consider a polished concrete floor for additional sleekness in the overall look and feel of the kitchen.

Minimalism: You want to create a cosy, not cluttered, room, so keep accessories to a minimum.

However you wish to interpret the traditional kitchen in your house, whether it be modern or classic, the key is to ensure the room works with other areas of your home, and flows from one space to the next effortlessly.

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