We Love Kitchen Design – Introducing Our Much Anticipated 2022 Kitchen Trends eBook

It’s that exciting time of year where we are excited to launch our 2022 Kitchen Trends eBook. This eBook will detail some of the hottest trends in kitchen design that we are driving this year, and predict will dominate our kitchen renovations for the rest of the year. So if you are ready to feel inspired, you have come to the right place. 

As industry leaders in the world of kitchen design, we are committed to creating kitchens that not only tap into the latest and greatest design trends, but also take into account cutting edge technologies and appliances. Not only do we produce stunning kitchens – but ones which are simultaneously innovative and functional. On top of this, as bespoke kitchen makers, our kitchens are designed to fit you, your lifestyle, and the way you intend to use your kitchen. 

Let’s delve into a snapshot of our kitchen trends eBook, so you can get a taster for what’s hot in kitchen design trends 2022. 

Kitchen styles to emulate in 2022

In terms of kitchen styles, Modern Farmhouse is trending, taking on new sophistication with modern lighting schemes, luxury benchtops and the inclusion of high-end appliances. 

There has also been a resurgence of the Retro style kitchen, with many of our customers opting for elements such as fluted glass fronted cabinets and rich wood grain patterns in their custom cabinetry.

As we strive to reflect the natural world within our homes, Biophilic design is making its mark. This organic style compliments many of the other trends we see popping up such as handless kitchen cabinets and floating or single shelves. 

Also popular this year are textural and curved kitchen designs which still remain the hottest trends to embrace right now.

Trending colour schemes this year

White kitchens

White kitchens are back this year, and are better than ever. Designed to create a calming and fresh feel, white can be far from boring, with options such as bespoke white cabinets, beautiful white veined marble benchtops and textural feature panelling being favourites of our kitchen designers. 

With appliance companies catching onto this trend, you can now opt for all white appliances such as ovens, and complement this with a white sink and white tapware to create a seamless flow of colour.

Neutral kitchens

The neutral kitchen has had its revival this year, and can take form through beautiful minimalistic colour schemes, such as mid greys and creams. The ultimate blank canvas, the neutral kitchen allows you to furnish with brighter accessories which you can swap out seasonally. 

Trending colour schemes this year

The latest products and innovation

This year, clean and minimalist design choices are all the rage, but never at the expense of functionality. Fully integrated storage systems remain strongly trending, such as concealed pantries, appliance cupboards, and fridges and dishwashers being concealed through clever custom cabinetry. 

With functionality in front of mind, technological additions such as tech hubs are a big trend this year, as they transform the kitchen into a fully functional workspace and social hub. 

2022 is proving to be another year of bold choices and innovation when it comes to kitchen appliances. Whether it’s feature range hoods that catch your eye, or integrated coffee machine and fridge set-up, we’re seeing a range of high-quality appliances that are becoming the guiding factor in the overall kitchen layout. 

We are leaders in kitchen design

Here at The Maker Designer Kitchens, we’re proud to be head of the pack when it comes to kitchen design. With our experienced, creative and innovative Perth kitchen designers, and the best custom kitchen manufacturing factory in Australia, our work truly speaks for itself. 

We love innovation, and all our kitchens are designed with the most sophisticated appliances and storage solutions available. If you would like to see some of these in action, book an appointment at our Bassendean showroom.

Our three step design process, ensures that your kitchen is expertly custom designed to meet your unique needs. We never compromise on style, and not only will your kitchen be incredibly functional, it will be a space that will be a joy to spend time in for many years to come. We believe the kitchen is the hub of every home, and we pride ourselves on getting every detail right. 

We are leaders in kitchen design

Inspired? Want to read more?

2022 has already proven to be an incredibly exciting year in the world of kitchen design. To read more about the above mentioned trends in kitchen styles, colour palettes and the newest advancements in kitchen technology (and lots more!) download our free eBook here

Our kitchen trends eBook is a fantastic resource for both people wanting to renovate or build a new kitchen, and kitchen design professionals alike. 

If you would like to commence your journey in creating your dream kitchen with The Maker Designer Kitchens, contact us today.

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