There are two types of people in the world. The ones who organise, coordinate and schedule their lives to finest detail. Their closets are always arranged perfectly, and you can be sure they will never forget where they left their keys – because there is a place for them, of course!
Then, there are the rest of us. I wouldn’t go as far as to call us messy (that’s just mean!), but organisation is not our strong suit, which means we are usually followed by clutter. If you happen to fall into the latter category we certainly won’t judge, but if you are looking for some great clutter reducing kitchen ideas, do read on!

Accessorise, baby!

The kitchen is one of the easiest and most rewarding spaces in which to make some small but bang for your buck changes to how we look at storage options to deal with clutter, especially if you have a small kitchen. Ideas around maximising the existing setup often prove very useful, rather than trying to change the world. And this is where we enter the exciting realm of accessories!

One fantastic and under-appreciated accessory is the Magnetic Stainless-Steel Knife Rack. This humble piece of metal not only has the power to transform the aesthetic of your kitchen buy creating a nice visual feature of one of the kitchens most functional and boring items, but it does this while also freeing up valuable drawer or bench space at the same time. I’m impressed!

Our next tip in the world of accessories is to install a Glass Hanger Rack. Wine glasses are a necessity in most homes (mine especially!), but they are notoriously pesky to store unless you have an abundance of cupboard space or designated bar area in your home. Enter the wine hanger! Easily attached to the bottom of your overhead cabinetry this gives us another opportunity to add personality into our kitchen by display those gorgeous wine glasses whilst freeing up cupboard space for other items. And I’m not saying that you should drink more wine, but if that is a side effect of having your glasses so handy – well, I’m going to note down that as another tick for the hanger!

Let’s delve a little deeper…

Ok so accessories definitely have their place, but if you are reading because you are planning on renovating or building your own home, you have a great opportunity to incorporate some designer kitchen ideas from the start which can really make a big impact to your mission of decluttering your life.

A very obvious option here is to ensure you have budgeted for overhead cabinetry in your kitchen. However we all know the value of doing this, so I am going to point you in another direction and suggest you consider installing some additional cabinetry in your island bench. Most island benches are nice and deep, which allows for the savvy designer to put cupboards on both sides of the island, and not just the section under the sink. You can keep this functional with solid wood doors to mask what’s hidden behind, or why not look at making it a talking point of your kitchen as a use it to display your fine crockery (as the image of one of our client jobs above demonstrates). With endless ways this cheeky but supremely effective storage idea can be added to your kitchen design, it’s definitely worth considering!

Now, let’s talk about the pantry. This is the real culprit for unorganised clutter in most kitchens, and its so easy to see why! Often placed in the corner and pokey, generally we don’t have an issue with the amount of pantry space we have, more-so the actual functionality of it. The hero in this scenario is a supplier we love to work with – Hafele. If you haven’t seen one of their Dispensa or Convoy pull out pantries, prepare to have your mind blown. Sleekly disguised as cabinetry, these pull-out pantries are amazing at both maximising space and providing easy access to all your essentials.

Similarly, you can ask your designer to include a LeMans or Magic Corner cabinetry insert to your kitchen for super-efficient and ergonomic stacking and storing of your pots, pans, pantry items (and anything else really!) within your cupboard.

But wait, aren’t these products technically accessories? Well, you’ve got me there. But, by pre-planning to use some of these innovative items in your kitchen and having a designer incorporate them into the drawings for your space, you are being more efficient and ensuring you get the most out of your cabinetry. In other words, we are being proactive rather than reactive through the magic of design!

If you’d like to speak to one of our designers about how we can help you on your organisational journey in your new kitchen, give us a call today on 1300 270 000. From the initial discussion right the way through to after-sales care, The Maker will ensure your project is an enjoyable experience. The Maker is Western Australia’s most awarded kitchen design and manufacturer focused on providing quality customer service and innovative designs, with a wealth of experience in a number of different design styles.

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