Unveiling The Latest Kitchen Colour Trends For 2024!

If you’re embarking on the exciting process of renovating your kitchen, selecting the right colour scheme becomes a key design choice. In interior design, the colour palette you choose significantly shapes the ambiance and emotional impact of your space. 

Each year introduces new trending colours, and many of our clients are on the lookout for creative methods to seamlessly weave trending colours into their kitchen designs. 

This month’s blog will delve into the latest kitchen colour trends for 2024, offering insights on how to integrate these colours into your kitchen renovation for a look that remains timeless and stylish.

How colour impacts kitchen design

Colour is not just an aspect of design; it is the essence that shapes the ambiance of a space. It has the power to influence mood, dictate style, and give a kitchen its unique personality. 

The strategic use of colour can dramatically alter the perception of space, making a small kitchen feel more open and airy, or a large space feel cosy and inviting. It’s not just about the colour itself but how it interacts with light, textures, and the materials used throughout the kitchen. The right palette can enhance natural light, highlight design features, and create a cohesive look that ties together all elements of the kitchen design.

Choosing the right colours for your kitchen renovation is crucial in creating an appealing, comfortable space. Colours can transform your kitchen, reflecting your style and setting the right mood. Whether you seek an energetic, bold look or a calming, serene atmosphere, your colour choices are key to realising your vision.

Lets jump into the top trending kitchen colours for 2024 that we expect to dominate this year’s kitchen renovations.

How colour impacts kitchen design

Earthy greens

In 2024, tranquil and refreshing earthy greens continue to be favored by many homeowners. Polytec’s Topiary and Verdelho (as shown above), are popular choices in the previous year, are expected to maintain their prominence, thanks to their versatility across various kitchen styles. Green hues, reflecting the serenity of nature, contribute to a peaceful and rejuvenating kitchen atmosphere. Whether it’s the clean lines of a modern minimalist kitchen or the warm charm of a classic country style, earthy green tones have lasting appeal and versatility in a kitchen design.

The rise of mid-tone teal blues

On the rise are the stunning mid-tone teal blues, and Polytec’s Habitat (as shown below) is at the forefront of this trend. This rich, mid-tone teal, offered in both ‘Smooth’ and ‘Venette’ finishes, brings a bold touch to flat panel cabinetry. ‘Smooth’ provides a sleek flat surface with minimal reflection, whilst ‘Venette’ offers a silky fingerprint-proof matt finish.

In the kitchen shown below, Habitat is shown in a two-toned cabinetry colour scheme that is paired with Polytec Coastal Oak overhead cabinets and light wooden floors. The result is a beautiful balance of contrast that’s eye-catching yet refined. 

The rise of mid-tone teal blues

Habitat’s flexibility really stands out in various cabinetry styles, including profiled options such as Polytec Hamptons or Sussex. In the kitchen pictured below, Habitat has been used with the Sussex profiled cabinets in a curved kitchen design to add a pop of colour. 

curved kitchen design to add a pop of colour

If you’re a fan of blue but lean towards darker shades, Polytec Oxford is a top pick among our designers. Pictured below, Oxford has been selected in the Venette finish, a pure matt which is fingerprint resistant. We recommend Oxford for darker kitchen colour schemes. You can view this kitchen on display in our showroom to see the look and feel of Oxford for yourself. 

Oxford for darker kitchen colour schemes

Overall, these rich toned blues are an ideal pick for anyone wanting to add a pop of bold, elegant colour to their kitchen, and are leading the way in trending kitchen colours 2024. 

Walnut: warmth and texture reimagined

In 2024, the warmth and texture of walnut kitchens are making a notable comeback, offering a timeless and versatile option for kitchen colour schemes. 

The spotlight shines on the Polytec range of walnut shades, including Notaio, Florentine, and Rojo walnut, known for their adaptability in complementing both light and dark cabinetry. This versatility makes walnut a sought-after choice across various kitchen styles, from sleek and modern to minimalistic and even modern shaker designs. 

With Mid-Century Modern style kitchens gaining popularity this year, walnut’s resurgence is particularly pronounced in these kitchen designs. A great example of this trend is our Duncraig Mid-Century Modern kitchen renovation pictured below, where Polytec’s Florentine walnut cabinetry introduces beautiful warmth and character. This cabinetry design is thoughtfully paired with Polytec Verdelho (another trending shade in 2024!), adding a vibrant pop of colour that enhances the overall aesthetic of the kitchen.

Walnut warmth and texture reimagined

Boston Oak: a new favourite

Polytec’s Boston Oak is fast becoming a favourite among Perth kitchen renovations. Characterised by its true tan-brown hue and natural solid oak woodgrain with crown cuts, Boston Oak is a lighter option compared to other oaks, bringing a warm, inviting atmosphere to the kitchen. Boston Oak is a woodmatt laminate and is only available in flat panel cabinetry. 

Its adaptability is showcased in projects like the Woodlands kitchen renovation pictured below, where it seamlessly integrates with both dark and light colour schemes. Boston Oak introduces warm tones to the kitchen’s colour palette, which is predominantly composed of black, white, and marble benchtops, creating a harmonious blend.

Boston Oak a new favourite

Neutrals: sophistication in simplicity

Neutral colours are making a big comeback as the perfect blank canvas for all kitchen styles.

The appeal of neutral colour schemes remains strong, offering an excellent foundation for tonal designs and layered looks, mirroring the growing trend of tonal dressing in fashion. 

A neutral colour scheme offers a canvas that allows other elements of the kitchen to shine, from architectural features to statement appliances, ensuring a timeless backdrop that complements any design aesthetic.

Consider pairing soft grey and warm white cabinetry with benchtops of similar tones. Polytec Bespoke Legato (pictured below) stands out as one of our most frequently used and adaptable mid-greys. It boasts a smooth, matt, silk-like surface that exudes luxury. Choosing a sleek, profiled door for your cabinetry, such as the Polytec Chifley or Sussex styles, can really elevate a neutral-coloured kitchen.

neutral colour schemes kitchen design

Your kitchen, our expertise: creating spaces that reflect you

At The Maker Designer Kitchens, we believe in a collaborative approach to creating your ideal kitchen. Our team of interior designers keeps up with the most innovative and current trends in kitchen design, prepared to assist you in navigating the design and selection process. 

Through our comprehensive design process, we are dedicated to turning your vision into a reality, ensuring that your kitchen reflects not only the latest trends but also embodies your personal style and meets the functional needs of your family.

As we look forward to the colour trends 2024, we warmly invite you to visit our Perth showroom, where our ideas are brought to life and you can explore the potential for your home. 

Schedule a design consultation with us, and let’s begin the journey towards achieving your dream kitchen together.


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