If you’re planning a kitchen renovation or new build, it’s important to get the critical elements of kitchen design right, in terms of the layout, the flow to other surrounding rooms, the functionality and the design style. But what you might not have considered of equal importance is the interior design of the kitchen and how to approach styling the right look for your new kitchen. Today we take a look at some of our best interior design tips.

Colour selection

The colour palette in your new kitchen will be one of the biggest decisions you make in the project, and colour selection is often never as black and white as we might hope! Before choosing your colour scheme, consider the following questions:

  1. Are you after a contemporary, modern look, or a more traditional, country or homely style kitchen?
  2. How much natural light do you have available to you?
  3. What are the colour palettes of the surrounding rooms (particularly those that the kitchen opens into), bearing in mind you’ll need cohesion between rooms?
  4. What flooring will the kitchen have, and how will this integrate with the colours chosen for the cabinetry and benchtop?
  5. Do you want to make a bold statement, or would you prefer the kitchen to blend, in a seamless and timeless manner?

Taking the time to answer and consider these questions will help with the right colour selection for you and your home, remembering it’s not just about the colours you choose, but also the different textures.

Choosing the right finish

he interior design of a kitchen needs to consider the finish for the cabinetry – this could be high gloss, mid sheen or matt. Generally speaking, high gloss will work well in a contemporary and modern kitchen renovation, as well as luxury and classic kitchen styles. Be careful of using high gloss throughout in a large space, as this can sometimes be too clinical. High gloss finishes can be softened by adding in timber textures elsewhere in the room, either with flooring, a timber benchtop or dining table, or timber features in furniture such as bar stools.

If your new kitchen is a traditional or country style kitchen, steer clear of high gloss and instead opt for a mid sheen or matt finish.

Styling and items on display

When it comes to completing your kitchen project, think about how you might style your space and finish it off with items on display. Considering what you might display as part of the design process is a great interior design tip for your kitchen, because this approach will allow you to plan for what type of storage you might need. Open shelving or glass fronted cabinetry will allow for unique and individual items to be displayed, such as colourful crockery sets, cookbooks or small funky appliances. Balancing concealed storage with visible storage (such as open or floating shelving), as part of the interior design of the kitchen, is a great way of getting the best out of both approaches. Open shelves are perfect for small indoor plants, bringing a splash of greenery into the space, or alternatively showcasing decorative items such as coloured vases, and concealed storage (such as overhead cabinetry) can tuck away the items you don’t want seen.

Other items to consider as part of your kitchen’s interior design is furniture, such as a dining table, or bar stools around the island area. Bar stools are not only a great way of encouraging socialising in the kitchen, but they can also be an effective way of bringing another colour in, perhaps to liven up a neutral kitchen and make a statement, or complementing the overall effect and design style of the kitchen – for example, wrought-iron stools as part of an industrial style kitchen. Of equal importance is the lighting for the kitchen. Feature lighting, such as a chandelier or pendant lighting over the island, can enhance the space and add to the interior styling of the room, while also providing functional lighting for the work area.

Our designers have a huge amount of interior design experience and can offer advice and guidance on all things related to your kitchen project. Our Design team is backed by highly skilled tradespeople, installers and a Service team to ensure that your dream kitchen becomes a reality. To get in touch today, give us a call on 1300 270 000 or visit our showroom at 12 Dyer Road, Bassendean.

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