The tones and textures of timber bring warmth and character to a kitchen, so it’s little wonder why it’s so popular in renovations across the globe. Being such a versatile material and readily available in a multitude of different tones and colours, timber lends itself to most styles and is the perfect medium to incorporate into your modern style kitchen for that classic and timeless effect.

Many kitchen renovations are including the use of dark wood in their cabinets, flooring or bench tops, and here are some of our favourite ways to add it to your home!

Timber Cabinetry

It goes without saying that cabinetry is one of the first places you can look when choosing to add timber to your new modern kitchen design. Timber is often used as a feature in modern spaces, with timber cupboard doors and drawers being mixed with glass doors to great effect.

We are also seeing a resurgence of contrast cabinetry to add a modern touch – think a row of warm timber overheads set alongside dark-toned super matte cabinets teamed with stainless steel appliances.

Timber Shelving

Cabinetry isn’t the only place to introduce timber to a kitchen, as wood can work wonders in all manner of ways, whether used in abundance or in the smallest of details. Open timber shelving is great at breaking up and adding interest to an expanse of solid colour and has the added bonus of providing the perfect place to put your favourite items on display. The shelves can be added as a stand-alone row of rough-sawn wood, or how about incorporating a mini-bookshelf within your island bench with some LED lighting as a beautiful and eye-catching yet still modern styled feature point of the room.

Timber Accents

Even the smallest pop of timber has an instant warming effect in a contemporary space, which could otherwise come across as a little cold. When combined with industrial finishes such as concrete, steel and tiles, timber has an incredible ability to instantly soften and add texture to any kitchen design. We love seeing our clients look to include subtle accents in the form of a unique timber handle or some stylish wooden bench stools, which can become a feature when set against your modern-neutral cabinetry or a luxurious creamy marble benchtop.

Even the simple act of styling your space with a wooden vase, timber picture frame or chopping board can have incredible visual impact as timber can look a dozen different colours depending on where the light hits it, adding an extra dimension of interest to a home.

Whether you choose to use it on the floor, walls, cabinetry or benchtop (or all of the above) – when implemented thoughtfully, a touch of timber will add warmth to your home, whilst keeping with your modern design style.

If you’d like to speak to one of our designers about the different timber options for your kitchen or bathroom project, give us a call today on 1300 270 000. The Maker is Western Australia’s most awarded kitchen design and manufacturer focused on providing quality customer service and innovative designs.

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