If you are looking for a way to add a little ‘oomph’ to your kitchen renovation but also have a budget to stick to (we hear you!), why not look at creating one statement element or catchy eye piece to your design rather than trying to accommodate a whole suite of expensive inclusions into your bottom line.

We share 4 ideas for adding a show stopping element to your kitchen remodel, that will fit a range of budgets and design styles.

Take the Inside, Out!

With some forethought and clever design during the renovation process, your kitchen can be opened to untapped entertaining by the inclusion of an extended benchtop for alfresco entertaining.

Creating a true connection between indoor and outdoor areas will result in an all-weather dining and entertaining space, where the homeowner can prepare, cook and serve food and mingle.

In order to most effectively blur the line between indoors and outdoors, it’s preferable from a visual perspective to have the kitchen counter constructed from one material. So don’t forget to think about weather-appropriate surfaces – consider the use of concrete, or use an engineered material such as Caesarstone.

Island with Extras

The humble island bench is an underappreciated part of your kitchen! Used in most homes as a functional addition that mostly provides extra counter space and some storage, it’s important to keep in mind the island is also the focal point of the room design, and so respond well to a little jazzing up.

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, not just cooking or eating, but also other things like chatting, studying, creating meal plans, budgeting, and working – so incorporate your daily dining area by turning one portion of your island into a table with chairs. This option is fantastic for smaller homes as it offers you greater flexibility of use whilst looking stylish and design-forward. Have fun with materials and create definition between these two zones with some timber or metal elements to create a lovely statement piece for your home.

Mix & Match

We absolutely love using contrast cabinetry as a way to instantly elevate your kitchen from standard to stylish. Mixing white cabinetry with wood can create a traditional or transitional effect, or a sleek and modern one, it all depends on the tones you are going for. For example, a touch of wood on the bottom of a cream kitchen can keep the look from feeling too minimalist, especially when paired with a gorgeous natural stone bench.

However, if you want a bolder hit of colour in the kitchen but are worried that you might overdo it, we find using an accent on just the lower cabinets is a perfect compromise that brings in a fun hue while keeping the overall effect relaxed.

Moody Texture

Darker kitchen designs are definitely on the rise, but they can be rather daunting to some. However, if you’re brave enough to steer away from using predictable neutral tones, we love the inclusion of navy and blue-green hues for sleek and stylish darker palette, that’s still neutral enough to effortlessly mix with other shades. Marrying these dark tones with profile cabinetry, such as a classic Shaker door, retains a sense of classic style – whilst making a striking statement against the rest of your home.

If you’re considering the inclusion of a statement element in your kitchen, it’s always useful to engage a kitchen designer to help you plan the space and achieve the right impact.

The Maker’s team of professional kitchen designers can offer plentiful advice, not only on colour and material selections, but layout and design style for your Perth kitchen, along with styling tips for lighting and accessories. To make a booking for a design consultation or to find out information about our kitchen design showroom, call our friendly team today on 1300 270 000.

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