Not everyone can afford to own a beach house in the Hamptons, but a Hampton style kitchen is the next best option that will add value and character to your home. The distinctive Hamptons style is of course inspired by the kind of kitchen you would expect to find in a real beach house in the actual Hamptons district of Long Island.

The whole look of a Hampton style kitchen involves classical styling mixed with natural materials and lots of natural light, conjuring up images of elegant beach houses where people spend time relaxing and having fun.

We discuss our favourite tips for nailing the classic Hampton style in your home.

Open-plan Layout

A Hampton’s style home should reflect a casual and relaxed coastal lifestyle, which makes it the perfect choice if you have an open living and dining area in your home. Generous quantities of natural light and space are some of the primary features of a Hamptons style kitchen, giving the room a sense of casual freedom while opening up your home for seamless entertaining – which is part of the friendly, welcoming aspect that makes this style so sought-after.

Shaker-style cabinetry

Textured finishes are a key feature of the Hamptons style, and the most prominent of these is the elegant ‘shaker style’ cabinetry. These cabinets are popular in Hamptons kitchens because of their solid, traditional lines and detailing that add a sense of easy-going luxury to this design style. To compliment your shaker cabinetry, tall overhead cupboards with glass display doors allow for a decorative touch, while open shelves help keep the space feeling open and airy. Hide away any additional clutter in cane baskets, complimenting the coastal feel of the decor.

Oversized Island Bench

A large space to gather, entertain and be social is essential to this style. So whether you opt for either a generous dining table or an expansive island bench – it will become the focal point of your Hamptons kitchen, creating a ‘centre’ that’s versatile enough to be functional as well as inviting. You have two options for a true classic Hamptons look – marble or timber.

If your goal is to exude sophistication and glamour, then a dreamy marble island benchtop is for you. If real stone is not quite within your budget, a beautifully veined reconstituted stone look-alike is a good option for saving costs while keeping the timeless look of real stone.

On the other hand, a timber benchtop or dining table will continue the coastal theme, bring additional warmth to the room and will tie together any other natural textures you’ve used in your kitchen.

Paint it White!

Classic Hamptons kitchens adore the colour white! Fantastic for its light reflection properties and the perfect partner for all that natural light in the room, a crisp white palette will create a bright and airy coastal feel reminiscent of beachside living. But rules are meant to be broken, so if stark white doesn’t appeal to you, why not opt for light pastel or grey tones instead. This can inject a more lived-in feel to the space and can be less visually confronting than going for the all-white look.

Although you can nail the Hamptons style using white lighter only, don’t forget the pop of colour to truly put the finishing touches on your coastal palette – using teal green or ocean blue accents, perfect for a feature item such as the splashback.

Subtle Embellishments

Last but not least, time to add the icing on the ‘Hamptons Kitchen’ cake. The perfect embellishments for the Hamptons style, are ones which enhance the theme of relaxed coastal luxury, without appearing too ornate or ostentatious. These can typically include beautifully dressed cabinets with a brass or chrome handle, a large farmhouse-style sink with classic tapware, an oversized or statement pendant lighting to the island bench, or open shelves displaying your prized collection of plates and ornaments. Wood accents are again right on theme, so consider bar stools in natural oaky tones or choose a dark wood floor to provide a stunning contrast to your white kitchen cabinetry.

Although the standard elements for an authentic Hamptons style kitchen are relatively simple, there are a million ways these can be interpreted into your home and adopted to take on a new meaning once combined with your personal style.

If you’d like more information on creating your dream Hamptons kitchen, speak to one of our designers today on 1300 270 000. The design consultation process has been developed to be both rewarding and streamlined, while focusing on providing you expertise and ideas to work within your space. The Maker is Western Australia’s most awarded kitchen design and manufacturer focused on providing quality customer service and innovative designs, and can work within your personal budget.

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