26 August 2021


For many people who renovate or build, transforming the kitchen into a sophisticated and contemporary space is high on their wish list. And who can blame them! A streamlined kitchen design combined with integrated appliances, thoughtful lighting and a mix of levels helps to keep the room clutter free whilst leaving the homeowner more space to relax and entertain.

If you are looking to create a modern kitchen for your home, we look at a few key elements to this design style that you should keep front of mind.


If it’s a paired-back, linear space you’re after, then handleless cabinetry is for you.

In a kitchen with lots of cabinetry, going handle-free prevents an overload of steel handles, whereas in smaller kitchen spaces the absence of handles can help to make a room feel much bigger than it really is. If you aren’t ready to commit to all handleless doors, then you can look to include finger pull or cavity pull handles. The Finger-Pull door profile introduces an exciting way to add an extra level of interest to your kitchen design while creating modern aesthetics through clean lines. By matching the tone of the rail to your cabinetry, it becomes a seamless integration into your design.


The key to nailing your modern design style is a clean, uncluttered feel to work surfaces. Having your prized and well used Thermomix or KitchenAid mixer on show and at the ready is one thing – all the other random (and often neglected!) kitchen paraphernalia is distinctly another, and is definitely distracting from the sleek contemporary space you are trying to achieve.

Containing (and even hiding) kitchen clutter, particularly in open-plan kitchens is essential, but can become difficult to achieve if you haven’t put sufficient thought into your storage requirements during the design stage. Be sure to factor in plenty of storage with deep pan drawers, pull-out pantries, and corner units to keep small appliances, crockery and china out of site.

Floor to ceiling cupboards can hide a multitude of sins so if you have space, they’re a good investment. However, try not to add accessories for accessories-sake, think about the flow of your kitchen and pop the right storage spot for the right items, right where you need them – for example place pan drawers near ovens, additional spice-rack storage near the hotplate, and room for your plates near the dishwasher to make unstacking a dream.


Understated and paired back doesn’t have to mean boring and bland, and by choosing the right benchtop for your modern kitchen you are able to elevate and compliment the space without unbalancing it.

Stone benchtops are a match made in heaven for contemporary kitchens, as the texture the stone brings to the room – regardless of the colour – is ideal for creating a luxury feel without drawing attention to any one particular element.

Plain white worktops compliment modern cabinetry beautifully, but if you want a slightly less clinical feel then many manufacturers are now producing man-made composites that look like natural materials such a marble or concrete. Consider using matching stone for your splashbacks too, creating a beautiful continuation of style through the room.


Contemporary kitchens are all about clean lines with minimal disruption, and that flows to your appliances, too. Integrating your dishwasher, fridge and rangehood into the cabinetry is a fantastic way to ensure these vital parts of your kitchen stay hidden from view and the sleek continuation of the cabinetry is maintained. If integrated appliances aren’t for you, then make sure your major items match – stick to the same colour tone for your fridge, dishwasher and any other appliances you aren’t able to tuck away out of sight, such as your microwave, kettle and toaster.

Lighting should be kept relatively simple – steer clear of fancy hanging pendants with lots of intricate detail and take the same approach toward selecting tapware – opt for a classic understated set. Finish off your contemporary space with a few modern-day luxuries such as sparkling water Zip-tap, or soap dispenser built into your benchtop next to the sink.

Balancing all these elements to ensure you end up with a kitchen that you love the look of and is functionally sound, can be tricky. The team of expert designers at The Maker are here to help you navigate these challenges with their design expertise, professionalism and customer service.

We would love to assist with your kitchen design in Perth and our showroom is a great place to have an initial discussion with one of our friendly designers. Visit us today at 12 Dyer Road in Bassendean or give us a call on 1300 270 000.

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