Colour schemes are crucial to home happiness because the hues you pick when decorating can have a tremendous impact on your mood. As the kitchen is the central part of the home and a room in which we spend significant time, the right colour combination for your personal taste and style can make spending time in the kitchen more enjoyable and relaxing.

Selecting a colour palette for your kitchen design doesn’t mean you have to go floor to ceiling with any one hue. From cabinets to appliances, there are plenty of ways you can work your winning colour combination into your cooking space making as little or as large of a statement as you choose.

We run through some of our favourite colour trends for you to be inspired for your new kitchen makeover.

Pink & Brass

Pink may be a quirky colour choice, but the rosy hue has made a significant comeback in the latter half of 2019, with no sign of slowing down! We absolutely love the blush undertones in Caesarstone Topus Concrete if you are looking for a more subtle infusion of pink into your kitchen scheme. Pair it with brass in the form of unique tapware or brushed handles against white cabinetry, to give your space a new lease on life that feels sophisticated rather than retro.

Neutral & Navy

A classic-style kitchen with navy cabinetry is the epitome of elegance, and this versatile colour scheme will also suit country and Hamptons-style kitchens if that’s more your style.

For this combination it’s important to keep in mind that balance is key, and the trick to mastering this look is choosing the right shade of blue – as almost black can be jarring, and too light can feel overly beachy.

Then sprinkle in your neutrals – stark white subway tiles and countertops pop against the deep navy-blue cabinets, brushed metal accessories are sleek and add high-end quality to the room. You could even ramp up the luxury with a beautifully veined Calcutta marble island or a stunning crystal chandelier to make a bold statement in your kitchen.

Black & Gold

Dark kitchens radiate sophistication, elegance, and a strong personality. Make your dark kitchen stylish with interesting touches of warm colours and metallic elements. When it comes to this kind of space, contrast is key to making such large expanses of dark cabinetry work, making way for ample natural light or a well thought out lighting plan to stop the space feeling closed in and oppressive. The addition of pops of gold throughout your moody kitchen in the form of handles, tapware or a pendant light fitting will all work to elevate the room and set a romantic and luxurious tone to your home.

White & Blonde

Fresh, it’s contemporary with a relaxed and effortless feel, it’s little wonder that one of the most common kitchen colour combinations of late is the mixing of creamy white tones and blonde timber. It’s a fairly clean, organic look too, so in a lot of these types of kitchens the cabinetry will be handle-free. It’s all about clean lines and no bells or whistles to distract from the harmony of the palette.

This particular scheme also lends itself beautifully to mixing materials in your kitchen cabinetry. By having your high cupboards in crisp matte white and the lower ones in a timber grain, you invite the space to feel varied and interesting, with the added bonus of adding the warmth that you would miss if your cabinetry was all white.

In order to stop your combination of white and blonde from becoming too visually overwhelming, we recommend to avoid directly matching other timber elements in the room (such as stools or your flooring) to your cabinetry.

If you are embarking on a kitchen remodel but aren’t quite ready to commit to a bold palette in your neutral home, don’t overlook the power of good styling! Displaying artwork is often overlooked in the kitchen, but it’s a perfect way to add colour and personality to this busy space. Consider vintage-inspired posters, food photography or, for an extra-colourful touch, frame some of your kids’ masterpieces.

Vision, innovation, quality workmanship and exceptional customer service are what drives clients to choose The Maker as their kitchen designer for their new build or renovation project. The Maker is a HIA award-winning kitchen design and manufacturer with a wealth of experience. To speak to one of our designers today about your kitchen colour scheme, call us on 1300 270 000 to start the process to deliver your dream kitchen.

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