Country Kitchen Ideas

Whilst country kitchens are in no way a new trend, we have definitely seen a resurgence in their popularity over the first half of this year. Oozing warmth and character, a traditional country kitchen is perfect for those who like to inject a little personality into their home – so we thought we would share 4 of our top tips for bringing a little country into your kitchen!

Tip 1. Focal Point

Country kitchens are traditionally a place for family and friends to gather round for a delicious home cooked meal, to share stories and to make treasured memories (with or without a few wines!). In order to achieve this, a fundamental element of designing a country kitchen is to ensure you create a space for this magic to occur. Depending on the size and layout of your home, this can be brought in either by incorporating a gorgeous rustic wooden dining table right in the centre of your space (go grand on this one and make it an 8-10 seater!), or you can choose to have an oversized island bench surrounded by timber stools – the perfect place for guests to sit and chat whilst watching the chef whip up a feast!

Tip 2. Butlers Sink

Another hallmark of the traditional style kitchen is the butlers sink. Originally built for a very practical purpose – to reduce the strain of leaning over the counter to reach the sink – they very quickly rose in popularity due to the pure functionality of it – I mean you can wash everything from your biggest pot to your toddler in a Butlers sink! Plus, they look great in any style of home and can be found in a myriad of materials and colours. So whether you are going for the complete traditional style in your home, or just want a few country accents – this sink should absolutely be on your list!

Tip 3. Beautiful Appliances

When creating a country kitchen, homeowners will often replace their appliances with more traditional designs. Whether it be a major item like a freestanding oven or AGA range cooker, or a smaller necessity such as a beautiful retro-looking stand mixer, while not completely necessary if you already have trusty appliances that don’t require upgrading, these visual touches provide your kitchen with a more authentic country look.

Tip 4. Tones & Texture

A country kitchen doesn’t have to look perfect — in fact, they tend to look better and much homelier when things are mixed and matched. For example, you might choose to have four different chairs around your dining table, or perhaps you want to choose different handles for all of your cabinets. This will add to the charm of your kitchen, and give it a carefree, effortless feel. Consider adding interest through your choice of tapware such as a unique brass vintage style set, or a feature panel of colourful old-world tiles for your splashback. Finish off the traditional look by paying attention to your styling choices – a vase of fresh flowers, artfully clashing tea towels, a patterned oven mitt or some ornate tea cups on display will set the tone of your room beautifully.

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