Kitchen design trends are fluid and ever changing. Dominated heavily by our modern way of living and open plan houses; the kitchen is now the centrepiece of our homes and coordinates with our busy lives.

If you’re building a new home or planning a complete kitchen renovation in 2021; read on to discover five of the hottest kitchen design trends to help you perfect your kitchen design.


One of the hottest design trends from 2020, curves continue to dominate kitchen design. Curved kitchens are a showcase in your home and ooze luxury appeal. They are a stunning display of workmanship and require the skills of an experienced joiner and stonemason to be executed to the highest quality.

Use curves to create a unique feature in a kitchen design dominated by straight lines; or create a design that is completely curved and completely unique. Curves become the feature in your kitchen design and will really add visual impact to solid colour cabinetry and benchtop selections. Curves also work beautifully with textured laminate selections and have maximum impact when used for a strongly veined marble or stone benchtop.

Oversized Islands

2020 has reset home life for many of us. We’re spending more time at home and with kitchens being the hub of the home it just makes sense to create a social and functional space. Kitchen islands are getting bigger and longer to accommodate extra storage, appliance integration, extra seating and even dining table sections.

In larger homes we are even seeing double islands become more popular which also provides some great design opportunities to feature innovative cooking appliances like Pitt Cooktops and downdraft rangehood extraction systems.

Feature Rangehoods

The Minimalist trend in the last year has driven kitchen designs that forgo overhead cabinetry in favour of feature rangehoods styles like a statement boxed treatment or a contrasting colour. Quite often this coordinates with floating shelving in the same or a contrasting colour scheme that allows you to curate your kitchen with greenery, art and beautiful homewares.

In the last year appliance companies have released innovative new rangehood products such the Whispair Paris Island canopy which is circular and can installed singular, as a pair and even in your own customised colour. A stunning way to embrace the curves trend in your kitchen design. Other innovative new rangehood products include pendant style rangehoods masquerading as a elegant lights that can be installed over feature cooktops on island benches.


Using mixed materials on the finishes throughout your kitchen creates a unique design and works really well for people who are colour averse. Think concrete benchtops, strongly veined marble, Polytec Calcutta door profiles and textured tiled splashbacks. Most recently we have also been seeing more requests for stainless steel benchtops.

Smooth is the new matt. Polytec have just released a striking new surface finish called ‘Smooth’ that has a satin like finish which is between matt and sheen and it is predicted to be the next big thing for surface textures in your kitchen.

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The latest Polytec colour release is designed to capture a feeling of wellbeing and calm with botanical colour-infused neutrals. There are new shades of white, cool to warm greens, hints of blue and shades of light and dark colours to choose from.

Inspired by Biophilic design and humans innate desire to connect with nature these new colours mimic sensory and physical elements of the natural environment.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this feature on some of our favourite kitchen trends and styles that really inspire us to do what we do. If you’d like to see them in person, contact our office on 1300 270 000 to book a showroom appointment, and chat with our award-winning consultants on how you can transform your kitchen, today!