Kitchen design features our designers are loving right now

Our creative juices really start bubbling each time we sit down with a new client to start the process of designing their dream kitchen. There is always so much to consider from the initial layout and flow of the design, overall styling and theme and the individual wish list items that every client has in mind for their perfect kitchen design.

Our experienced interior designers will always carefully consider your individual requirements as part of your kitchen renovation to ensure we deliver your dream space. Over the years, and with the vast experience we have in designing functional kitchens, we have compiled a list of favourite items that we like to suggest for your kitchen renovation.

Read on to discover each of our kitchen designers’ top three features that they love including in their kitchen designs.


Stone Splashbacks 

Not only does a stone splashback look spectacular in your kitchen design; it’s super practical because it’s much easier to clean as opposed to tiles with grout. Matching your benchtops with your splashback and continuing it up onto the wall in your kitchen design gives your kitchen a luxury look. If you have chosen a veined stone for your kitchen a stone splashback creates the perfect opportunity to continue the vein across the countertop and up onto the wall for maximum impact.

Stone Splashbacks

Wall Ovens

Wall ovens are a great choice for your kitchen for the simple reason that it’s much easier to retrieve your hot dishes whilst standing at normal height as opposed to bending down and lifting hot heavy items whilst cooking.

Wall ovens in a stack arrangement have a high-end appeal that enables you to create a feature in your kitchen with your appliances. Many kitchens these days will include two 600mm matching ovens combined with an integrated combi microwave oven for cooking smaller meals and even a matching coffee machine.

Wall ovens are a great choice for your kitchen

Waste Bins

What’s under the surface and how your kitchen performs for you when preparing food is critical to a good kitchen design. Hafele creates innovative kitchen accessories to make your life easier and we recommend to all our clients to include one or even two of the Hafele Euro Cargo ST45 or ST60 that includes two waste bins plus extra storage sections for other items such as organic waste.

What’s special about the installation of this kitchen accessory is we have created a unique design as shown below in which we install the Euro Cargo at the lowest clearance in your cabinetry to include an extra hidden drawer that you can use to store your bin bags! Visit our Perth showroom to see this on display.


Tall Cabinetry

Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry creates a sleek, luxurious, and stunning style for your kitchen. Frequently used in modern designs you can completely conceal the working elements of your kitchen and this style works really well with an oven stack arrangement.

Tall cabinetry works with handleless cabinetry and looks stunning for classic or traditional style kitchens when a profiled door is selected. Long sections of tall cabinetry create a feature that appears like cladded walls and you can even incorporate feature shelving if it suits your design.

Tall Cabinetry

Open Shelving

Custom open shelf designs in your kitchen create a more personalised interior and curated look for your kitchen that you style with your own unique home decor and greenery. Open shelving is a great design choice as it becomes a feature in your kitchen design that adds interest and also allows you to create contrast with cabinetry colours like in our Swanbourne kitchen renovation below.

Custom open shelf designs in your kitchen

Open shelving can be introduced into your kitchen design in a variety of styles such as a long single shelf, sets of shelves or boxed style shelf cabinetry. Open shelving works well to break up long sections of cabinetry and looks great as a feature on kitchen islands also, as seen in our Wanneroo kitchen

Board/Baking Tray Storage 

What we are referring to here is custom designed cabinetry inside your kitchen cupboards that is catered towards practical storage for your chopping boards, baking trays and dishes. In the design shown below it’s super easy to find and access these everyday cooking items, not to mention a much more practical storage idea as opposed to stacking these items inside drawers. This is when you can really see the advantages of our custom cabinetry designs that are designed to match your kitchen and your cooking needs.

custom designed cabinetry inside your kitchen cupboards


Pops of Colour

Using colour in your kitchen design is a great way to create contrast and interest with cabinetry and stone benchtops. In our Woodlands kitchen renovation shown below we have designed a striking kitchen that combines dark and light cabinetry with oak features for the shelving details that bring the contrasting colours together with some warmth.

Bringing colour into your kitchen design is an excellent idea for personalising your design to your taste and creating your own flair. Colour can be introduced in a variety of ways such as a contrasting kitchen island, benchtop selection, floating shelf detail or even a colourful tiled splashback or statement kitchen appliance.

Using colour in your kitchen design


When designing our kitchen renovations we spend a lot of time thoughtfully crafting drawer designs matched to our clients’ cooking and storage needs. We like to combine a mix of small medium and large drawers in your kitchen design catering to big and small storage solutions. 

When we design our kitchens at The Maker Designer Kitchens we frequently opt for wider drawers ranging from 750 – 800mm wide dimensions for our clients as it is more practical and makes your overall cabinetry look less busy.

Good drawer design is also not limited to the cabinetry seen on the outside of your kitchen. Our speciality is smart pantry design that combines integrated storage solutions like the Hafele Tandem pantry and custom shelf/drawer designs to match your storage needs inside your pantry.

Cabinetry Handles

We liken cabinetry handles to jewellery for your kitchen as they create another layer of detail on your overall design and complete the design when chosen thoughtfully.

Your choice of cabinet handles should complement how you will use your cabinetry as well as create nice detail. In the kitchen design shown below the wide handles make it easy to open wide drawers and are positioned relative to the way the cabinetry opens. The overhead cabinetry is designed to look simpler in this kitchen and is handleless and opens easily from below.

Cabinetry Handles to your kitchen

Work with our expert designers to achieve your dream kitchen

When you work with The Maker Designer Kitchens for your kitchen renovation, you gain access to the expertise of our talented designers and experienced team

Our design process is thorough and completely personalised. Here is what you can expect:

1. Design Phase

Our design phase happens in two stages. Firstly one of our designers will have an initial meeting with you, to thoroughly understand your kitchen must haves, vision, and kitchen style preferences. They take a deep delve into your ideas, lifestyle and priorities to gain a deep understanding of what your dream kitchen looks like. 

Secondly comes the design development phase. Your allocated interior designer will finalise all aspects of your kitchen’s design including colour scheme, custom cabinetry, appliance inclusions, benchtop materials and hardware. You will then receive a formal final design alongside the final quote. 

2. Manufacture Phase

Next comes the build. This is when your custom cabinetry and benchtops are manufactured at our factory They come complete with luxury inclusions – including soft close drawers and cupboards. Your kitchen build will then be assembled in our warehouse to ensure all elements fit perfectly together prior to the installation at your home. 

3. Installation Phase

Then comes the exciting phase – when your kitchen is installed in your home and you start to see it taking shape. You are allocated a senior site supervisor to ensure the fitting of your cabinetry and stonework all runs smoothly and is installed to the highest standards. We ensure to keep you in the loop throughout this process to ensure you are up to date with timelines and how your new kitchen is coming along. Once your new kitchen is installed, our dedicated aftercare team is there to ensure we are there to help you with anything you need post-renovation. 

Elevate your home’s heart: bespoke kitchens by The Maker Designer Kitchens

Like what you hear? Get in touch with our team, or book a showroom appointment with one of our designers to kick start your renovation journey. Your dream kitchen is possible with The Maker Designer Kitchens.

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