The Hamptons kitchen is the epitome of coastal elegance. Originally, taking its inspiration from the hideaway of the rich and famous – The Hamptons on Long Island, New York – it has come to represent relaxed coastal living, natural materials, classic shapes, and lots of natural light.

The effortless beauty that radiates from this style makes it obvious why it’s a trend that has become so popular of late, and thankfully one that is clearly not going away anytime soon. In light of this, we take a look at a few ways you can interpret a Hamptons kitchen design style to bring it into your home – and make it your own!

Lusting over the look is a great start, however, you might find that going ‘full Hamptons’ may not be the right fit for your home. That’s ok! After all, it’s much more important that you select a style that supports flow and continuity throughout all rooms of your house, and luckily there are still many ways you can subtly (or boldly!) bring this style into your kitchen without throwing off that balance.

The Hamptons Colour Palette

Firstly, you can breathe an elegant coastal vibe into your kitchen by – you guessed it, selecting coastal tones. The transformative power of the right colour selection is definitely a trick that every interior decorator would be lost without. Take your inspiration from the ocean and think light blue, teal green or misty grey painted cabinetry, paired with a crisp white benchtop and add a couple of warm timber accents from either your floorboards or by using clever styling, and you might suddenly find yourself positive you can hear the waves crashing outside your doorstep!

A Design Staple

One calling card of a Hamptons kitchen is the gorgeous panelled cabinetry which is used to add depth and interest to its white or neutral surroundings – in fact it is such a staple element of the design, there is even a panel profile called ‘Hampton’.

So it goes without saying that adding this classy feature to your kitchen will go a long way when it comes to introducing this style into your home. You can opt to use the traditional Hamptons door itself or with dozens of unique profile doors readily available you can set about finding the perfect one to reflect your individual style, and pop an exciting new spin on what Hamptons means in your home.

A little luxury

Now really, does it get any more luxurious than a creamy Calacutta marble benchtop? *swoon* We think not!
The beauty of marble is undeniable, and due to its timeless and natural quality it’s the perfect fit for the elegant Hamptons look. Whether you decide to use natural or engineered stone, another cheeky bonus of adding this style benchtop to your kitchen is the way the colour of the stone helps to maximise and reflect the natural light in the room – you can’t go wrong!

Deciding how you want to apply the stone to your space is the tricky part because you have several options, all as beautiful as the next! You may choose to incorporate the marble as a show stopping middle island bench paired with classic white benchtops to the rest of the kitchen; use the look for an eye-catching splashback that demands attention; or ramp up the WOW factor by using it to all three of these kitchen elements to create the ultimate luxury feature. See, we told you it would be a hard decision!

We have only just scratched the surface on what you can do it achieve this stunning look in your own home, and how to inject your own personality at the same time. If you’d like more information on the best way to go about creating your own unique Hamptons style kitchen, one of our expert designers would love to speak to you!

The design consultation process has been developed to be both rewarding and streamlined, while focusing on providing you expertise and ideas to work within your space. The Maker is Western Australia’s most awarded kitchen design and manufacturer focused on providing quality customer service and innovative designs, and can work within your personal budget. To get in touch today, give us a call on 1300 270 000 or visit our showroom at 12 Dyer Road, Bassendean.

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