3 May 2021


If you’re looking for modern kitchen ideas, you don’t need to look far. Between the internet, magazines and showrooms, you have access to more ideas than you could ever hope to use. Of course, with the good ideas which boost functionality and look great, there are also the not so good ideas. Today, we’re looking at kitchen design choices which may not end up being the best long-term decision for your new space.

1. Being too trendy

Kitchen trends come and go, so don’t adopt a design feature just because it’s in fashion. The most important thing is that you make choices which will continue to look great in years to come and, more importantly, that you love the look of. If you choose features solely because they’re on trend, you often end up regretting it.

2. Forgetting about storage

We can’t stress this enough – you can never have enough storage in the kitchen! Don’t make the mistake of prioritising form over functionality by forgetting to take full advantage of the space you have. Think overhead cabinets or open shelving, plenty of drawers and a decent sized pantry. Integrated benchtop storage can also be helpful for small appliances, and don’t forget to include plenty of room for a bin!

3. Brightly coloured appliances

These days, it’s pretty easy to find larger appliances such as fridges and ovens in different colours, and some people like to make them a colourful feature. However, if you get sick of your colour scheme, you’re either stuck with colourful appliances that you don’t love or you need to replace them. Neutral colours are generally a safer option – you can always choose smaller appliances such as your kettle to inject some colour.

4. Settling for poor quality

When you have a budget to stick to for your kitchen renovations, it can be tempting to opt for cheaper options. Although these save you money in the short term, budget materials may not last as long as their higher-quality counterparts and may need replacing sooner. Instead, think about investing a bit more money in areas of the kitchen which get the highest use, such as benchtops and splashbacks.

5. Lack of work flow

The biggest mistake you’re likely to make with your kitchen is having a design which doesn’t flow properly. Before you move on to choosing materials, you need to get your layout right so food preparation and other activities are easy. The kitchen work triangle is often used to make sure there’s enough distance between the stovetop, sink and fridge, and the concept of work zones for different activities can be used in larger spaces.

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