If you’ve been thinking about renovating your kitchen, a visit to a kitchen showroom in Perth can be hugely helpful first step to start your journey. Although there are thousands of images of beautiful kitchens available online, nothing quite compares to standing in a real kitchen and getting a feel for the layout and space you might have, seeing different design styles in person, and being able to feel and touch different materials. Read on for some major benefits from visiting a kitchen design showroom in Perth before starting your project.

Functionality in real life

If we had to give only one tip when deciding on your new kitchen’s layout, it would be to visit a kitchen showroom to see for yourself the functionality that you’re considering for your project. The way your kitchen functions is so important to your ultimate satisfaction with it in everyday life, and it is for this reason that visiting a showroom can be very helpful. For example, you might be set on a particular layout, but seeing it in real life could change your mind – maybe it feels smaller in reality, or your appliances aren’t as accessible as you’d like them to be, or it needs more storage options to work for you. The traditional ‘work triangle’ approach to kitchen design has become a little outdated in recent times, with the design becoming more complex and taking into account other zones, such as a storage zone, a cleanup zone, or even an entertaining zone as part of your kitchen – all of which you can experience in our kitchen design showroom in Perth.

Check out different storage and technology options

The humble cutlery tray used to be the ultimate in kitchen organisation, but we’ve come a long way since then! Storage options are plentiful these days, and a number of high quality and innovative new solutions are on offer in our showroom, including pull-out pantry units, or corner units such as Hafele Lemans units for those awkward spaces. Storage is an important consideration for your new kitchen – it might pay dividends for your future kitchen to be able to see a bank of overhead cabinets in real life and figure out what you can fit inside. You might like to consider visible storage, with glass fronted cabinetry or open shelving options. Technology is also on display, with motorised cabinets that can open upwards and out of the way (so you don’t bang your head!), integrated lighting options for cabinets, or even cabinets with speaker systems inside for playing music in your new kitchen or bathroom.

Get a feel for different materials

One thing a website or Pinterest can’t give you is texture or touch – the difference in feel between lacquer or vinyl cabinets, gloss or matt cabinets, engineered stone vs stainless steel vs natural stone benchtops. Being able to touch and feel the different material options for your project in our kitchen showroom can be very beneficial to making the right choice and ending up with a kitchen you love.

See the quality for yourself

Quality is often the difference when it comes to price, and an image online can’t demonstrate quality. Ensuring that you select a quality product and a quality supplier is paramount in ensuring you don’t need to spend money down the track replacing items that just don’t work effectively. Seeing drawer runners in action and the difference in products at different price points, in reality, can be hugely advantageous – a quality drawer runner as an example might be something you hadn’t thought about, but you’ll certainly know all about it if you have one that doesn’t work in your new kitchen.

Of course, nothing beats being able to talk to an expert in a kitchen design showroom – The Maker’s showroom is staffed by professional kitchen designers who can assist with all your questions about layout, functionality, colours and products. With 6 fully operational kitchens in a range of popular styles, our kitchen showroom in Perth is the best place to start on the road to your new kitchen. To make a booking for a design consultation with one of our expert kitchen designers, give us a call today on 1300 270 000.

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