Industrial style kitchens have gained popularity in the last few years, with the unique style that takes its inspiration from New York loft style apartments seen in more and more kitchen renovations in Perth. Few rooms in the home revel more in the unassuming ease and simplicity of the industrial style than the kitchen, so today we’ll take a look at some industrial style inspiration for your kitchen renovation in Perth.

Raw textures

An industrial kitchen design is all about raw textural beauty. Raw materials such as exposed bricks or concrete walls help to create the warehouse style look. Flooring is commonly polished concrete or natural wooden floorboards, adding to the spacious and uncluttered feel of the industrial style. If you’re considering an industrial style design for your kitchen renovation, you may like to opt for a stainless steel benchtop, a stand-out feature of the style, known for being durable and hard-wearing, with the added bonus of being easy to clean. Stainless steel appliances could also be an appropriate nod to the style, tying in nicely with other textures.

It’s easy to get caught up thinking that an industrial style kitchen renovation in Perth requires a large space to create that high-ceiling, loft apartment feel, but this isn’t the case. It is possible to make the design style work in a smaller space, with efficient use of space and ergonomics, such as considering hanging pot racks – not only will this save space, but having cast-iron items on display will be in keeping with the style.

Industrial colour inspiration

When it comes to colour choice for your kitchen renovation, if you’re opting for an industrial style, it will typically be a darker colour palette. Black features prominently in this design style, with timber features not only adding warmth and texture, but helping to create a loft feel. Timber grain cabinetry, such as walnut or oak, paired with a stainless steel benchtop, or dark cabinetry (such as navy or dark grey) paired with a timber benchtop, are often popular choices for clients. If you have gone with a darker colour palette, it’s easy to soften this with natural lighting, or splashes of colour through appliances or styling items.

Industrial styling

Speaking of styling items, an industrial style kitchen allows an abundance of creativity when it comes to selecting your décor for your new kitchen. The warehouse-style feel can be enhanced by choosing eclectic pendant lighting, and in continuing the raw material theme, timber bar stools or wrought-iron bar stools can be a fantastic addition to the room. Recycled or re-purposed pieces from markets or retro stores will help to create a striking blend of rustic and modern for your industrial kitchen. Purposefully leaving certain fittings and fixtures exposed will help to create your own unique take on this captivating style.

It’s important to enlist the expertise of a professional kitchen designer if you are considering the industrial style to help achieve the right balance of this unique style. The Maker’s kitchen designers are award-winning and experienced across all design styles. To make a booking for a design consultation for your kitchen renovation in Perth, give us a call today on 1300 270 000.

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