Trend Series: Texture

Texture is one hottest kitchen trends to embrace in 2022. Texture can play a significant role in defining and elevating your chosen kitchen style and makes for a unique design impact in your home. 

Texture is also one of those fundamental aspects that should never be an afterthought. Creating stunning textures in your kitchen by carefully selecting your materials, cabinetry, finishes, and splashbacks has a powerful impact on your overall design. 

Today, we will look at kitchen texture design, how you can embrace texture in the different components in your kitchen. 

Texture is king in 2022

If you want to break the rules and take your kitchen design to the next level, texture is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal in 2022. Texture is created by mixing materials and using distinct surface materials to give the desired effect. Texture is also a safe haven for anyone who wants to steer clear of heavy, saturated colours. 

Careful use of texture also gives you licence to explore a synthesis of traditional and modern kitchen designs and embrace a more eclectic approach. 

If you want to learn more about why texture is trending this year, you can download and read our latest 2022 Kitchen Trends eBook.

Texture and cabinetry

Playing with cabinet texture is a great way of contrasting different materials and surfaces which deliver different design outcomes in your home. Choosing a profiled door or wood veneer cabinetry like a beautifully grained Marri creates stunning lines and a point of interest and works to separate different sections in your design. 

Profiled doors or ‘shaker cabinetry’ also have a timeless appeal and will stand the test of time in your kitchen design. 

In this kitchen, we have used the Polytec Hamptons profile which creates beautiful texture throughout the cabinetry in this kitchen which is made more obvious by the contrasting island in Polytec Canterbury Grey.


If you prefer flat-panel cabinetry, we recommend including a horizontal grain which creates a beautiful striking texture when using a grainy laminate like Prime oak. Alternatively, incorporate feature sections using the Polytec Calcutta range where you can create beautiful vertical panelled sections. 


Polytec STECCAWOOD is another great way of adding texture to your modern kitchen if you have curved sections in your design, and looks beautiful as wooden panelling. To see STECCAWOOD in action, check out our recent Cottesloe project.

Stand out with stone

From polished, natural, and soft, to matt, grainy, and rugged, kitchen stone texture can be applied in endless ways across your kitchen and can complement an array of styles.

Caesarstone offers some beautiful sleek matt benchtops that have a variety of textural finishes. Black Tempal is a luxury dark stone selection that has a charcoal base and delicate white vein throughout with a unique natural finish. It’s perfect for a luxury industrial and minimalist style kitchen where the materials themselves become the hero.

If you’re after a balanced industrial style benchtop with low light reflection and a tactile surface, we recommend Caesarstone’s range of sleek matte concrete finish selections. If you want a similar effect but more tactility, look no further than rough finish designs like Rugged Concrete. These designs bring together the tactile texture with the subtle smoothness that makes them the ideal addition to a modern design concept.


Accentuate with marble

Natural and high-end selections for your space such as marble offer beautiful texture and veining. Strongly-veined style marble selections like Caesarstone Arabetto or the timeless Statuario Maximus bring beautiful textures to life with distinct patterns and natural blemishes that enhance the luxury appeal.

When investing in a veined stone for your kitchen, a vertical application that flows from the ground up onto your splashback creates a show-stopping effect. When working with marble, every piece is a feature and will slide smoothly into a range of modern and traditional kitchen styles.



Whether it’s veined stone, marble-look tiles, or a glazed finish to contrast other selections in your design, splashbacks are perfect to add your signature mark in kitchen texture design. 

Achieving continuity between your benchtop and splashback when it comes to patterns and lines makes for a stunning effect. Tiled splashbacks with a glazed finish offer a contrast between selections in your kitchen and work extremely well in an all-white kitchen where a glazed white tile offers a different texture against matt flat-panel cabinetry and white benchtops selections.

Consider splashback ideas like striking patterned tiles, Herringbone patterns, or KitKat tile selections to give a modern textural appearance. 

Explore texture in your kitchen renovation

At The Maker Designer Kitchens, our team of expert designers is here to help you explore texture in your new kitchen and make the most of your design. With WA’s most advanced kitchen manufacturing facility and a team of experts, your dream custom kitchen is our command. 

Whether you’re in the planning, design, or brainstorming phase, our team of professionals can assist you in making your dream kitchen a reality. To gain access to industry-leading advice, locally sourced materials, custom design, and unparalleled quality, speak to the experts at The Maker Designer Kitchens. You can reach out online or chat with a kitchen designer at our state-of-the-art Bassendean showroom and immerse yourself in the latest design trends.

You can find out more about how texture is influencing the design trends this year. Click here to download our 2022 Kitchen Trends eBook.


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