Kitchens are the home for many a household item, so it is essential for the area to be well equipped with ample storage solutions. Let’s take a look at some great space saving kitchen ideas to help maximise the functionality of your kitchen, even if you are working with a smaller space.

Overhead cabinetry

Overhead cupboards are a popular kitchen idea because of their affordability and accessibility as a storage solution. Not only providing a handy storage option, they also give a great balance of form and function, complementing large kitchens by incorporating extra design elements or bringing some colour into an otherwise plain wall. Likewise, overhead cabinetry can be a great space-saver for a smaller kitchen – you don’t need to find more space, but simply using space overhead that’s already there effectively. Overheads will suit almost any kitchen design style, whether it be a modern, minimalist design or a more traditional country style kitchen. Overheads are a cost-effective solution for extra storage and will help to conceal clutter, giving your kitchen a smooth and clean finish.

Open shelving

Open shelving is also a popular kitchen design idea as it can help the kitchen to feel a little more open and spacious. Similar to overhead cabinetry, shelving overhead can effectively make use of the space you already have. Often suited to a traditional country-style kitchen or Hamptons kitchen, open shelving allows items to be on display, such as crockery or accessories, which can add some warmth and personality to the room. If you have opted for a more muted colour scheme, displaying some colourful items, like funky crockery, recipe books or plants, can help to bring the kitchen to life with a splash of colour.

Space saving hardware

There are plenty of other space-saving kitchen design ideas and accessories such as high quality drawer systems, pull-out pantries and bins and corner solutions. Pull-out pantries like the Hafele Tandem Pantry are a great option if you have limited room for your pantry, being pull-out you’ll have easy access and won’t need to be reaching into the depths of your pantry to find that spice jar. Corner units like the Hafele Lemans units are also a fantastic idea for those awkward spaces, with pull-out options and rotational options, it means you can make that space functional and still easily grab what you’re after. It’s important to utilize a kitchen designer who can recommend the best option to work with your space and to help integrate these into your design to get the most out of your space – you might be surprised at what can work!

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